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2 months ago

I think I may be the only person who cans during the winter, cleaning out the freezer!

Yesterday I canned 4 quarts of beef stock, using the bones and trimmings from steaks and roasts. I save them from whatever I'm cooking, when I'm cutting stew meat or soup beef, or I remove the bone from a roast if it's too big to fit into my smaller Nesco or the crockpot. I add all the celery leaves, slightly "bendy" carrots, herbs that were beginning to wilt, all go into the big ziplock bag or freezer container. When I get "enough" or I am running low on stock, I make a big batch by tossing everything in the big Nesco roaster, browning everything nicely, add my liquid and aromatics and let it simmer all night while I'm sleeping. The next morning I strain the stock, let it sit so the fat rises to the top, skim the fat and can the stock. All the strained out meat bits and vegetables become dog food. It used to be for my old dog, but she died a couple of weeks ago, so now my daughter's Golden Retriever gets the bounty.

Hey, it's hard working raising that beef, I do not waste any of it! And, while digging for beef scraps I realized I still have several bags of raspberries that I need to make into jam.


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