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Help with macaroni and cheese.

7 months ago

This is actually embarassing, since I am a 58 yo accomplished cook of a vast array of comfort foods and, not too infrequently, more complex, finer dining items. But, I uniformly fail in my attempts to make a creamy macaroni and cheese. My cheese sauce always turns out grainy. I'm sure it's my attempts at a roux, since my childhood recipe of cream of mushroom soup with additions of butter and various cheeses, has been perfect every time. I would just forgo any recipe including a roux, but some folks aren't fans of mushrooms, so it would be nice to start from scratch. But, I've failed 100% of the time. I've actually developed an almost paranoia, so I've simply stopped making mac and cheese, except for myself, using the mushroom soup.

But, a wonderful friend, who has been hospitalized recently, and is trying to regain lost weight, requested macaroni and cheese with hot dogs. Yes, I know, high class stuff. But, his appetite is so poor that I don't want to offer him anything that isn't absolutely scrumptious. So, can anyone help me overcome my roux block? I mean, it's not rocket science, but I'm having a near panic attack just thinking about it.


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