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What are you harvesting "now" 2024?

last month

I would be very interested in a running thread about what all your climates are like and what you're all harvesting from your gardens at any given point in time. Location matters! I'm in central NY, z5, where we're known for our cold temps, above-normal cloud-cover, and precipitation. :) We had a very mild winter here, however, and there is already the faintest cast of light green showing on a few trees. Nothing is showing for my asparagus or rhubarb yet, but I am at least happy to see my garlic growing! It's raining today and we need some good spring soaks.

Somebody in a warmer area must be harvesting spring greens and radishes by now, eh? And Kate's talking about harvesting lemons and kumquats now. Where are you and your gardens at? What's being harvested 'now'?

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