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harvested my peas, now what!?

16 years ago

Hi everyone!

This is my first time with planting peas since I was a little kid. I was a bit disappointed in the yield, I remember peas being very prolific plants but maybe I didn't plant as much as I should have. Of course everything seems bigger when your a little kid! Does anyone know the yield per person that you should plant for a good harvest? I planted Green Arrow and Wando. They are both very good tasting, I just wish there were more. My question is now, what can I do with the planting space? It is against a chain link fence with a trellis. Is there anything that I can plant now that will then be harvested when I want to plant more peas? And when would I plant for a second harvest, is it late summer or actually in the fall? Same for lettuces? onions? One more question, My husband says the pods are too good not to eat. These are not edible pod types like the oriental varieties, does anyone eat the pods or use them in anyway, besides just tossing them in the compost pile? Thanks a bunch for any advice.

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