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What are you all harvesting now?

11 years ago

With this March's CRAZY weather my garden rotation is in a weird mix right now. I'm still harvesting snap peas, shelling peas, cauliflower, lettuce, carrots, radish, blueberries, peaches, strawberries - but I'm also harvesting jalepenos, a single tomato plant that overwintered (but is tired) the new plants are blooming now, too. Mulberries by the truckload it seems, but the things that are usually doing well by now are just getting started again. Corn, okra, beans, bell peppers, the grapes are leafing out now. Even my potatoes that have only been in the ground for 30 days (the originals froze back) are blooming already!

It just seems like the season got a really strange start and I'm worried that the harvest will be affected. Am I the only one?

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