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I'm so excited! My first seedlings popped up!

16 years ago

These are open-pollinated seedlings, mind you. I haven't got the time to try actual crosses myself... yet. I just decided back in November that I wanted to try planting some of the seeds grown in the OP hips. Last yr, my husband tried it. He put them in the fridge for several weeks, and then we potted them up. Nothing ever came up. This time, all I did was collect the seeds, dried them, then planted them in one of those 72-cell seed starter "greenhouses" with the clear dome. I stuck it in the enclosed and very cold breezeway/laundry room between our kitchen and the garage. I forgot all about them for many weeks, then decided to take a peek yesterday. I was sooooo excited! I saw one little green seedling. This morning I actually lifted the clear greenhouse lid and found that 5 seedlings had popped up, and 2 more were just barely showing their little heads. I moved them into the kitchen under one of the windows and I hope in the next few days I'll have more emerge! One is almost ready to be put in a small pot! I can't wait to see what they look like! I did mark them all with their mama's name, so at least I know part of the parentage. This is really fun! Have any of you guys done this before?

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