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Advice needed - cramped laundry /pantry combo

last month

Hello all,

I would greatly appreciate your guidance. We built a pantry / laundry combo without planning properly. We have the cabinets in for the pantry on one side, a side by side washer and dryer on the other side with a sink. The W/D is not yet installed but now it feels way too cramped (back hits against the pantry when bending to load the washer or dryer) so we are having second thoughts.

Details: W/D is LG - 30 1/4 depth before connections

Pictures of pantry design and dimensions attached

The options we are considering are -

  1. move current unit to the back wall
    —- downsides: will still be cramped toward sink when loading, maybe too high to use dials of the washer, will need to re-work the vent and electrical and will be expensive

  2. get a tower unit that is ventless and less deep (26 inches) -

—- downsides and questions - will 4 inches make a huge difference? This product doesn’t have reviews and is new… is it any good? Is the loss of capacity worth it for a busy family?

  1. install the current configuration and live with it; return later if it just doesn’t work

I would be grateful for your thoughts and advice or any other creative ideas you have / other products to consider.

Thank you so much!

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