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Simple cabinet/counter install in laundry, need advice!

15 years ago

Just bought a FL W&D, no pedestals, to be installed this Wed...I currently have nothing along the wall (96" long) other than the old machines, waiting to be removed. I have rolling drawer carts for some small items and a rolling laundry cart around them; a bank of cabinets overhead.

I want to have my new front load W&D installed all the way to the L side, pushed together, and then do built-in base cab's with a laminate countertop on the other side. After the machines are installed, I'll have about 42" open space to the right to work with. I really need a flat work surface.

I have NO idea where to begin (I know that sounds idiotic). I am NOT a DIY'er either, so I have to outsource. My "little" projects always turn out to be such big hassles....Is it a waste of money to go through Home Depot or another big box for help and installation? Should I get a local handyman to help purchase cabinets from somewhere like Ikea (we have one local) and do the install? I wanted to put a countertop over everything (including the W,D) and have a sleeker butler's pantry look, but feel like I'd run into height, plumbing & access issues. I don't want to drop more than $1500 on the cabinet/countertop project either. It doesn't have to look like a magazine, but I want it to look decent as it's right off the kitchen.

Any advice for 1) who to hire (HD?) and 2) is it as simple as I think it is...and any other advice you might have. Thanks!

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