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laundry room redesign and suggestions

Tiffany Pletz
last month

Hi. I’m trying to value engineer a remodel of my laundry room. :)) Don’t stop reading, lol! So, my room is 11’ wide by 7’ long. I want to install ikea pax cabinets with a white high gloss to replace the row of cabinets where the green tile is in the pictures below. Three boxes will fit perfectly in this space along the wall. As for the washer and dryer, I want to build a box for them and put a solid surface on top of the box. (Maybe a remnant). But, I have the water line, electrical outlets and a p-Trap (I think that white circular plastic with some type of bolt on the plastic is called a P Trap, see picture). Anyway, to move all these down so the eye doesn’t see them, is a lot of money. Should I purchase pedestals instead for my washer and dryer? That would bring them up 15” to 53” height. I’m 5’10” so that height isn’t a problem. I wanted to do a clothes rod to hang wet clothes on to dry. Also, I’d like to do a shelf above the rod to put baskets or other things on but it seems like it may be too high to reach comfortably. I will have one accent wall with the below wallpaper but what should I do over the washer and dryer for decor…a tile going up a few feet or just paint? I love the blue paint in the wallpaper picture. Would this look good to paint the remaining walls and above the cabinets with? Any suggestions on a floor tile?

If you’ve read this far, thank you!! I posted two days ago about wallpaper for this room and the input I received led me to the below wallpaper which I love but it’s super expensive! (Grrrr) But, I want to get what I love.

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