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5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

Im completely lost and need advice! I thought I had done an okay job in our home setup, but every time we have company over, I am reminded how small our living space is! I feel its a little awkward and not functional. I would love to open up our kitchen to the living/dining, but I wouldn’t even know how? Or if it would work, or how we’d have to change the setup since we don’t want to get rid of our rustic dining table set. I also dont want to get new cabinets yet until I know for sure how I want our kitchen to look. I just feel it doesnt “flow”, like its too separated? Wnd the breakfast table is hardly ever used since its against the wall in a very limited space due to the french doors and door leading to the garage. Which speaking of, I also considered opening the kitchen into our two car garage. We never really use it besides for keeping junk and doing laundry (which sucks since it can get pretty cold/hot). I’ll post more pics of it in comments. I thought maybe keeping the living room as that, the current kitchen area as a large dining area, and the garage into a large kitchen? I dont even know if thats realistic. Lol. Someone please help me with an easier more functional alternative! I would really appreciate any positive input! :)

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