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Kitchen design advice for small awkward layout in 1900 farmhouse

5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

Hi All!

I've spent many months looking over all of the amazing discussions and advice happening here and hope to get some feedback about our eat-in kitchen design layout. I am open to all thoughts!

Some background: We are a family of 4 with two small children, 2 and 5. We love to bake and cook as a family. It is a 1900 simple 2-story farmhouse. The downstairs features three rooms that flow into one another from front to back: living room, kitchen, then sunroom which opens to a huge deck and yard. The only (!) bathroom in the house is off the kitchen (part of a "newer" addition when plumbing came in). As you can see from the layout below there are a lot of necessary doorways--the living room, sunroom, bathroom, and cellar. And low windows. There are also two structures that jut out--a chimney that we can't take down at this point, and the stack in one corner. I'll post a few layouts--the current layout and one of the many Ikea layouts I've put together, as well as photos of the kitchen when we moved in 2.5 years ago (it's a disaster right now).

Our budget is tight--$8k to $10k if possible for everything excluding the new hardwood floors/installation and appliances. We are definitely open to moving the plumbing in order to get the most function and have collected rough plumbing and electrical quotes. We are leaning towards Ikea cabinets--Bobdyn or Grimslov. We had an unvented gas range in the peninsula which we despised (see below). It broke a few months ago and also found out there was a gas line problem too so we've been stove-less since. After much research, we decided to buy an induction range instead at the same time we bought a new fridge (both went out the same week) from our local scratch and dent store.

A few other general notes: The red tile flooring that you see in the kitchen will be replaced with maple hardwood that we have already purchased (original floors underneath were in terrible shape). The maple floors are also being put down in our living room right now. We have purchased an oval tulip style table for the eat in kitchen area to maximize space. We'd love to be able to squeeze in a few counter high stools on the peninsula to maximize space for family baking, but walkway aisles are tight.

Thanks so much for reading this long post, your time, and any thoughts you may have! It's a quirky little house, but we love it.

Here's the photos: All of these kitchen cab doors starting falling off as soon as we moved in. =)

kitchen area--stove gone and tile floor pulled up

Doorway to bathroom to the right of (old fridge)--now ss French door that taller and wider

radiator was removed a year ago and dishwasher is there (was temp as we saved for reno). there is another radiator seen below that provides more than enough heat

I set up my kitchen measurement in Ikea's kitchen planner. If these don't work, I can redo on graph paper. Thanks again!

Possible design with range on outside wall with vent, sink on living room wall, dishwasher in peninsula, and cabinet on bathroom/sunroom wall:

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