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Newbie looking for farmhouse floor plan advice.

6 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago


My wife and I are having plans drawn up for us in Oregon. We really like several of the Donald Gardner farmhouse plans, and specifically like the floor plan of The Brentwood. I think this will be the starting point for us.

I will be making substantial changes to the elevations, first and foremost making the roof without dormers. An excellent example shown here:

I will want making the rear elevation of the main structure look something like this:(without the extra gable or screen porch)

By making these changes, the second story plan must change substantially. I'm okay with kids bedrooms being clipped by the roof line- they don't need 8ft over their entire bedroom.

I plan to square things up as much as possible. I want this house to be practical, and our forever home. With the exception of two-story great room (not practical, I know), what are some ideas to keep building costs down? What are some possible flaws you see with the Brentwood, or anything that I'm explaining here?

Thank you so much for advice..I've been reading these forums for quite some time and know how helpful and knowledgeable this community is.

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