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Olive oil prices - what oils do you cook with…

last month

Recently for some reason I have been listening to a lot of UK podcasts. Recently I heard the price of olive oil was skyrocketing there. I didn’t put much thought into it.

I took my mother on her constitutional walk in our local Hannaford yesterday. I had decided to restock olive oil since I have baking with it a lot lately. And yup the large tin I usually buy had gone up by about $11 ie about 30% in 6 months. In fact the unit price was less expensive by the liter than the large 3 liter tin. It makes my recent baking projects even more of a splurge than I knew. I bought a liter this time.

So cooking oils….What do you use regularly? I try to have EVOO, coconut oil and butter as the basics. I like having toasted sesame oil for flavoring. We buy food grade walnut oil to finish our woodworking. So I might try that. Thinking about another cooking oil to have on hand.

I did recently find a Maine sunflower or safflower oil. That has been a gap in the local food movement here in the chilly Northeast. I believe the farmer grows beans and sunflowers as part of his crop rotation with grains. So I might try that.

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