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Garlic questions

last month

My mom always used garlic powder. I'm not a big garlic fan and I didn't start cooking with it until I met my husband. (BTW, the only actual garlic I remember seeing at the grocery wasn't even in the produce section. It was on the shelf, 2 small heads in a little red box.)

So I never really "learned" garlic. Any words of garlic wisdom? When I'm cooking with garlic and the recipe calls for a certain number of cloves, how big are those cloves supposed to be? Garlic cloves vary greatly in size, even from the same head. Is there a rule of thumb about how much a clove is in measurement?

Also, I have a tool for mincing garlic but it doesn't do a very good job and is a hassle to clean, so I end up doing it with a knife. Does anyone know of a good tool for chopping garlic?

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