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Meyer Lime (tastes and smells like a Limey/Orange)

Jenelle Vallee
4 months ago
last modified: 4 months ago

Hello everyone 😊 this is my Meyer Lime, I got it at the end last May at my Local Canadian Tire, when I first bought it I thought it was a regular lemon tree, it was on my way home with it that I finally read the tag in the second pic. I've tried Googling it for information but all I get is what is shown in the pics. I've gotten fruit from it since buying it, they smell like a Limey Orange and they taste like a lime/orange with a hint of lemon. The poor thing was missed watering before it came in for the winter and lost all its leaves, I had it by a window for a few months it wasn't growing so now its currently on a heated seed mat with grow lights and a reflective cardboard taped with tin foil around it (added since the pic was taken) to trick it into thinking winter was short and it can grow, since putting it there it has started to push out a flush of growth. If anyone has any information about the type of citrus it is, it would be greatly appreciated, as I am very confused by it and what I've Googled, I've also added the food I use, I'll add the pics in the comments, having a hard time adding it to the post

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