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Tillandsia Watering/Soaking

Jacob Van Atts
3 months ago

I have three Tillandsias in a 75 degree F room, suspended under a grow light and next to a north facing window. I've been misting them about every day with distilled water and I misted them with an airplant fertilizer as well. My questions comes with soaking them. I've read that you don't want to soak them in distilled water because of its lack of nutrients and minerals.

Q1: Does this still come into play if i'm actively fertilizing them?

Q2: Will the distilled water cause an over absorption of water in the plants cells?

Q3: Since the plants don't respirate during the day should i soak them closer or further away from lights out?

Q4: If i shouldn't use the distilled water, ive read that you can use aquarium water with a lower PH (I've got a 10 gallon aquarium that runs 6.2-6.5 PH) is this still a good idea if i'm already fertilizing weekly? If not Is soaking in aqurium water better than using a mistable fert?

Thanks for any help, and sorry for the abundance of questions!

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