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Splitting up recently married couple- one in wedding party and one out

8 months ago
last modified: 8 months ago

My husband and I were married May of 2022. His brother was his best man and I was told by my mother-in-law that his sister really wanted to be in my wedding. My husband only had two people on his side, so I could only have two people on my side. I chose my cousin to be my maid of honor and his sister to be a bridesmaid rather than my friend due to his mom telling me that she really wanted to be in my wedding.

Now his sister will be getting married in June of 2024. My husband has been asked to be a groomsman, but I was not asked to be a bridesmaid. I am deeply hurt by this for a few reasons.

One: The aisle is sacred to me. My husband and I have walked the aisle together. I do not want to see my husband walking up or down the aisle with any other female. That is going to be torture for me. Call me insecure or whatever, but the symbolism of it says it all for me. When I designed my wedding, I had chiffon draped down the center of the aisle sides so no one but the wedding party could walk on the aisle.

Two: She really wanted to be in my wedding. I said ok to putting her in my wedding (rather than my friend) hoping that it would bring us closer. Why doesn't she want to make me part of her wedding? After all, we are sisters-in-law now. This just seems so wrong and unfair to me.

Three: I did not select the two people I wanted to ask because of his sister wanting to part of our wedding.

She and my husband have a cousin that she could add to be on the grooms side to make it even between bridesmaids and groomsmen if she adds me. The groom only has two of his people and then the brides two brothers.

I have made the suggestion that I could skip going to the wedding so that I do not have to witness my husband escorting another female down the aisle. My husband does not like this idea. But I honestly will not feel like going to the reception and celebrating after I just witnessed my husband going down the aisle with another female. I’ve thought about him walkng down the aisle with another female and it has brought me to tears. and that was merley thinking and visualizing it. What happens when it is real?

I have explained all of this to my husband and he has even stated he would back out if he needed to. He said he will talk to his sister about it.

How do you see it? How do you think we could make it work so no one is unhappy?

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