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Has anyone installed/considered installing Cambria's Bellwater quartz?

last month
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I am looking to have new kitchen countertops installed. Thus far I have only been able to view a small 3" by 3" Cambria Bellwater quartz sample, but I thought it might be a nice option for my kitchen.

I have done quite a lot of searching on the internet regarding Bellwater, but have not been able to find information about it other than what Cambria has listed about it. I did see on Cambria's site has a very similar quartz called Myddleton which looks just like Bellwater, but it is primarily gray and white; whereas,

Bellwater is mostly brown and white.

I would very much appreciate any feedback and/or comments from individuals who have either had it installed or even have considered possibly having it installed. Thanks in advance for any information or advice anyone can provide re: Bellwater quartz.

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