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Fertilizer application differences when lawn is depleted

4 months ago

I have a unhealthy fine fescue / Kentucky BG lawn, tiny grass plants that won't grow, very patchy, directly under pine trees. I decided to get one of those cheap rapitest soil kits (I know they aren't exact but at least give me an idea). I fully expect my ph to be low due to the pine trees, but I did a few tests in the troubled areas and it showed normal. The kicker though is my nutrients. The tests show I have zero Nitrogen, adequate/normal Phosphorus, and very low Potassium.
My plan was to just go get some fertilizer from Walmart that was 30-0-4 and spread it around according to the bag and maybe hit it again a month or two down the road and maybe again in fall but with more of a general fertilizer.
I guess my question is, does the fertilizing frequency increase when you are trying to makeup ground? Im worried I'll burn what puffs of grass I even have. My intent is to fix the soil and possibly plant in the fall, and maybe in a few months I'll get one of those professional soil tests to see where I'm at.
Thanks for any suggestions or help, I'll include a couple funny looking lawn pictures.

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