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Sowed a month ago, but little to no germination

Last year I Round-Up'ed my yards that were 99% weed, with the plan of resowing in early October. I bought grass seed on Sept 22, 2022, but then a tree fell on my house and blah blah blah, so I didn't get to sow until this year.

I aerated and then sowed on October 24; a little later than intended, but the days were unusually hot (reaching the high 80s) and I was waiting for the daytime temps to get to 65. Then after some discussion on here, I rented a 15lb roller and used it on October 27.

I have pop-up impact sprinklers running for 10 minutes, twice a day: 6am and 6pm.

The back yard (part sun) has about 50% growth, but the front yard (full sun) has virtually 0% growth! I see absolutely nothing coming up but weeds :-O The seeds are still there because I can see them, just no germination.

This is what I sowed in the front:

It says that germination in 7-14 days, so do you think that what I have is what I have?

If not, do you have any suggestions other than waiting until April and trying again?

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