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Encouraging blooms on young natives ... indoor sow or winter sow?

12 years ago

If I can, I'd love to have blooms next summer on some of the natives I'm starting from seed. Our winters are very long, so if I winter sow, the seeds will actually be cold stratified for about 150 days outdoors. What if I cold stratify in the refrigerator instead for 90 days (cutting down on that time by almost half) and then get a head-start on the season by growing under lights beginning in January?

Would any of these plants started this way from seed bloom their first summer? ... How do some of these respond to growing under lights? Any problems any of you have had with these species? thanks so much!

Heliopsis helianthoides

Pycnanthemum (Mountain Mint) for my pollinator garden

Blue lobelia (sipilitica)


Agastache foeniculum

Asclepias incarnata

Delphinium exaltatum

Monarda fistulosa

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