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Winter Sowing versus Direct Sowing

16 years ago

I'm interested in knowing what plants you are winter sowing and which seeds you plan or have already direct sowed. I know that I direct sow tropical milkweed, cassia alata and bicapsularis, zinnias, and cosmos in spring. But, I am wondering if it's too late to direct sow some of my other seeds. I think at one time Linda told me it would be okay to direct sow some verbesina, but am wondering if there are others I can direct sow as well.

I tend to winter sow those seeds that I REALLY want to protect from elements, bacteria and viruses, foraging insects, birds, etc. My "special" seeds.

I know birds like some seeds and not others, but am not really sure which seeds would be safe or subject bird and insect food sources.

I also know there are seeds that dislike transplanting even tho I take extra precautions in winter sowing them by using toilet paper and paper towel rolls, which I can plant directly in the ground.

So, what do you think, and what is your experience?


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