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Every spring and fall with pre-emergent, but still lot weeds???

jjjjade H
2 months ago

Every year, I followed the package instructions, air temperature, and SOIL temperature upon applying pre-emergent. I even followed the Clemson University weed control guideline to have 2nd application with different active ingredient (1st group: prodiamine and etc... 2nd group: Indaziflam) 6 weeks apart. However, there are a lot of weeds on the lawn with all kinds.

In my neighborhood, most people pay TrueGreen and etc to care their lawns for them. I only see them TWICE a year upon the time for spring and fall pre-emergent applications, and once maybe for fertilizer. That's all they've done, yet their lawns are always much better than mine. I'm even embarassed to say that my effort seems always going down the drain. I bet any nrighbor saw me sprayering and watering would pity me "what's wrong with what she has done; her lawn is a mess?"

Really, I don't understand!!!!!!!!!!

What could happen?

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