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plastic netting implanted in lawn!

2 months ago

Our two dogs are pretty hard on our backyard grass. So over a year ago, a landscaper laid sod down for us (over the old grass) and the roots didn’t take. Then we fenced off an area from the dogs & planted grass seed over that, and watered it daily, etc.
It looked good at first, but I started finding & pulling up plastic netting that was laid with the sod. I’d pull it and it would grab big areas of grass with it. So frustrating! I pull up that netting daily! I read it disintegrates, but it hasn’t. That awful plastic seems to grow—I always find more!
Now we’re stuck with a mud-filled yard, no grass, and I’m not sure how to pull up all that (it’s got to be toxic!) netting to start with a fresh canvas. Any ideas?

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