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Floating shelves... 2 or 3? Spacing?

Michelle Linden
last month

We are having floating shelves between 2 sets of upper cabinets in our "buffet area." They will be purely decorative (seasonal, etc.). The shelves are 3.25 in thick (high). Originally, we were thinking 2. But now I am wondering if we should add a third. If we did 2, I am thinking they would be roughly 17 inches apart. If we do 3, they would be 12ish apart. We thought 2, because the third would be so high and 12 inches could be limiting on some decor items. And would items on the third

shelf look strange if they went above the crown moulding??We will start them after the 5th row of 4 x 10 subway tiles, so at approximately 20 inches above the counter (plus grout).Any suggestions? Advice on shelves only please. We are not changing anything else... tiles, counter, cabinets, etc. We like all these things. Just looking for recommendations on shelves. Attached are photos of the actual cabinets with 2 or 3 shelves photoshopped in.

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