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Do these dimensions look ok for fireplace mantel?

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Hello, we are building a house this year and are getting this wood burning fireplace: 

Combustible mantels have a clearance requirement. With a heat shield, this means the mantel has to be 50" off the floor if the depth of the mantel is 6".

Our ceiling height is 9'

Our living room is 16' wide with a 6' fireplace, and two 3' windows on either side. *See attached image below of the mockup. Person is 6' tall in it.

I know a mantel should be about 54" from floor, but ours will be taller than that since I want a beefier matel. I'm also bummed but I don't think we can have a raised base for this fireplace. My brother is a brick mason and is doing our fireplace. I so wanted to have a 4" raised base step, but I just don't think we have the space.

So here is an example. Is this OK?

Is it ok if the mantel is 58" off the ground if we do a mantel that is 8" in height? There would be 50" to the ceiling. I want to put art above the mantel, not a TV FYI.

I might go a bit more yet with it and have a mantel that is 72" X 10" X 6", and that would mean the mantel is 60" off the floor, and there would be 48" of height above the mantel.

I'm probably overthinking this but can't help it lol!

Any input would be great thank you! I hope I included all relevant information.

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