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Recent review of Five Star Range?

Susan Weber
2 months ago

Hi everyone, I’m considering the purchase of a 36” Five Star dual fuel open burner range. I’ve read through several threads, watched a few Rick Bayless videos on YouTube, and reached out to Five Star’s customer service to get a feel for the product since the manufacturer doesn’t have a dealer in my area (suburbs of Philadelphia) where I can actually see one.

Now, I’m looking for actual (hopefully recent) reviews from folks who have one.

How long have you had it?

Do you have open or sealed burners? Are you happy with your choice?

How does the griddle function for you? Good, bad, ugly?

How did you get it? Was it in a showroom or did you buy direct?

Any problems and if so, how were they handled?

How easy it is to clean?

Do you use the broiler?

Thanks in advance!

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