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Report on the Seder y'all helped me with

7 months ago
last modified: 7 months ago


Okay, I feel better having let that out. They fell like flies. Well, but quarantines and whatnot. Minions in short supply. But it was a lot of fun! Including a running gag relating Pharaoh to a certain figure in the news. I had been prepared for more people, so cooked all the food, but I had enough warning that the poultry haters wouldn't be there, so I just made a couple of whole chickens. Which came out great. as did a small pan of roasted kholrabi slices, but the big tray of roasted veg burnt! Like to a crisp. It would have been fine in my oven. Not-my-oven in Not-my-kitchen seems to be losing its mind and running very hot. Mr. Picky's steak was done when I went to flip it Given all the cold veg on the table, and those that cooked under the chickens, as well as the small company, we didn't actually miss the other veg, but I miss the time I spent prepping it. If I'd made the brisket (which Mr. Picky won't eat!), I would have done the veg in the other oven. You can be sure that I will in the future!

I did make the romesco, and it was great! The recipe was requested. I couldn't find piquillos, so had to substitute some other Spanish peppers, and I added some crushed fire roasted tomatoes (from a can I had open, on top of the charred fresh ones) to balance it out. It's not usually served with chicken, but it was really good. And, if you think about it, except for the matzah thickening, it's like a charoset!

Speaking of which, my pseudo-sister never told me she couldn't have nuts anymore! I make extra charoset for her. I wouldn't have made the romesco if I'd known, as well. So I scrounged around and found a couple little pitted prunes and some ground cloves, so chopped them with a couple of segments of mandarin orange and some Manischewitz concord grape, and she was thrilled.

Instead of the traditional eggs with salt water, I made eggs devilled style, but salty rather than hot. Best Foods mayo, tiny scallions sliced thin, capers rinsed in a steamer basket because I couldn't find the strainer (not-my-kitchen), and little shreds of wild caught, smoked sockeye salmon. It was a little stiff for it, but I put it through my piping gun with a big star tip to make them look fancy, and I think the ridges make it taste better (more surfaces to touch the tongue). Oh, and sprinkled with good paprika to make them devilled-ish.

The soup was a thick, hot asparagus with spring onion and spring garlic. The matzah balls peppery, with herbs. I hadn't realized that the matzah meal was used up. Both the rolling pin and the not-my-food-processor did their parts to meal-ize the matzah, but it was neither so fine nor so uniform. I like the texture a lot, but they took on a lot of water early and were so fluffy, one dissolved! I had been so axious to get them going early because they usually take many hours in the pot to get right. I had to pull them out after two. They were reheated in a cast iron frying pan in the oven, which also helped firm them up. They were really good in the soup.

I ran out of time to make the clementine cake--and it seemed like a bother with so few dining. Instead, I had nice, plump blueberries and made some chewy almond cookies from a friend's recipe. Everybody really liked them and they were quick to make.

Thank-you again for all the help!

I hope you've all had a lovely holiday weekend.


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