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Fall roses & good bargains & health & losing weight

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What is your mindset, or attitude in growing roses?

After 3 decades of growing roses, I realize that LESS IS BETTER. Happiness is quality rather than quantity.

After 30 years with a slender husband (65 year-old, 6' tall, 140 lb.) .... those who are skinny have a certain mindset. What was your mindset, or way of thinking when you were at your ideal weight?

I actually enjoy roses more with just a few high quality and fragrant blooms, rather than massive number of blooms with zero scent.

Well-being rose below gives me more joy than Jude the Obscure and the scent is just delicious (tropical desert with grapefruit and passion fruit overtones). Well-being gives me more blooms than Golden Celebration (also own-root).

Below Leander rose is just as enchanting in scent as Felicia (old rose and musk). Being low-thorn, it's stingy in blooms but pure heaven scent.

Below Stephen Big Purple gave me 6 blooms max, but its beauty and scent gave me plenty of excitement in the 9 years I grew it as own-root.

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