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1/24/16: What you learn? Ways to lose weight & stay healthy & happy?

8 years ago

Saw 120 lb. on the scale today, that's 7 lbs. loss from Christmas Eve. My scale is quite accurate, I went to the doctor on Wed. 20, and it's the same weight as my lithium home-scale.

My 7 lbs. loss was accidental, I was sick with flu-shot reaction. But as I get better, the weight loss comes off fast, 1 lb. per day. While sick, I stayed away from sugar (sugar is known to suppressed immune system, and interfere with vitamin C-absorption). While sick, I reduced my portion.

I eat normal food, but 1/2 the amount I used to eat. Instead of 3 slices of pizza, I have only one, but I put so much red-pepper flakes on it ... which forces me to devour RAW veggies like a bunny to contain the heat. Instead of having 3 small bowls of spaghetti, I have one bowl, and put so much Tabasco sauce (hot pepper with vinegar) .. which forces me to eat tons of lettuce to contain the heat.

Same with soup, I put so much black-pepper on it, that I can only handle 1 bowl. I also add extra-curry to my serving. So I reduce the portion, but UP the flavor with spices.

I add 1 Tablespoon of flax oil per day to keep me warm & boost metabolism. Instead of sugary juice, I drink freshly-squeeze lemon juice, or zero-sugar herbal tea (ginger, peppermint, rosehips, etc.)

If I'm really hungry, I go for a RAW fruit (grapefruit, pear, or apple). Instead of a starchy snack before bed time, I have a RAW fruit, and actually sleep better with less food. The flu-shot gave me 1-month of misery, but it taught me QUALITY OF FOOD MATTERS MORE THAN QUANTITY.

I UP the quality of food with healing spices plus Omega-3 in flax oil, and I shrank the quantity. I UP the quality of drink with herbal teas, and shrank the sugar consumed. That's the same approach I like for my rose garden: UP the quality, and decrease greed & unnecessary quantity .. it felt good to kill the roses that I don't like ... so I can have more time with the ones I like: Evelyn, Sharifa Asma, Sonia Rykiel, and the new roses coming this spring. Below is a bouquet of roses which are worth keeping in my garden.

What life taught you so far? Thanks for the info.

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  • 8 years ago

    Just saw Khalid's comment on the other thread about healthy eating: eat fruits & veggies in season, and eat simple foods. I agree 100%.

    Everything is an acquired taste, fast-food put so much salt and sugar that after NOT having a McDonald hamburger for a decade, I ate my kid's left-over and didn't like how sweet the bun is, and the meat was over-salted. They gave a giant serving French Fries when we bought a "Small fries".

    That's the problem with fast food: over-size, over-salt, and over-sugar. I look at the shopping cart of folks. One skinny Mom with 2 skinny teenager-girls were buying 4 bags of apples ... the cart was full of green produce. Another skinny lady was lugging a big bag of BASAMTIC BROWN RICE ... while a fat lady had only processed foods in the cart (sodas, frozen dinner, canned foods) .. I didn't see any green veggies or fresh fruits in her cart.

    Everything is an acquired taste, once we are used to FRESH fruits & veggies, it's hard to go back to something inferior. The most disgusting thing I ate last year was a sugar-glazed pastry (Danish) while getting sick with flu-shot. And the best thing this year was 1/2 piece of Ezekiel Bread (sprouted grain) .. it sat in refrig. for a week, since I was so sick. I simply toast that up, and it's absolutely crunchy & delicious.

    Eating less actually enhances the quality and flavor of food. Have you ever noticed that the 1st few bites of food are the most delicious, after that the enjoyment declines, you don't even taste it anymore, and it serves only to make your belly full?

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    Stage Rat, thanks so much. I googled it and that is what it is. I will go right out and dig it up. I don't want those in my flower beds. I wish all my flowers looked that healthy though. I forgot to mention lesons learned about which containers worked best for me. My favorite is the round containers that I get cakes or cookies in (also an excuse to buy them). I make newspaper pots, and they are so much easier to plant out than to try and get the babies out of a milk bottle or 2L bottle. I think the newspaper helps the soil also. I tear off the top as I am dropping them in the hole so that they don't wick away the water. All of mine that were planted that way are doing the best. Also, I put a small water bottle in the center and use plastic shower caps (16 for $1) from the dollar store on top of them--it works great. The second favorite is the 1/2 size stem table aluminum pans from Sam's. The shower cap fits on them also with a small water botter to hold it off the babies. I think I will learn many more lessons from the responses to this thread. Thanks again for helping me ID the plant. Also thanks to everyone who shared their lessons learned. It is a great help. Jeane
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    Wow, what a lot of really great ideas for me . . .and for all of us here. Thank you!!! I'm following a lot of it and have lost 12 pounds so far. Mainly by cutting out most carbs and white sugar,and as Kelly suggested, doing interval training. I'm also keeping bags of fresh, pre washed baby carrots, baby bell peppers and green beans to munch on when I get hungry. Last night we grilled out burgers and I had mine without the bun. It's getting easier to eat like this and I'm finding the cravings for sweets and cheese are becoming less with each day . . . thankfully! As I mentioned in an earlier post here, I wasn't vastly overweight, just at the tops of what my weight should be for my height and age. Now I'm 12 pounds lighter and my clothes fit so much better! I'd still like to drop another 8 pounds. We fly out this Thursday morning to Palm Beach and then on to the Tampa area 4 days later. I've already eaten dinner and lunches out several times since I started this weight loss drive and have found it pretty easy to eat out healthfully . . . as long as it's in a regular and not a fast food restaurant. Salads with grilled meats, nuts, etc. are my go-to's, with a lite salad dressing on the side; hold the croutons and bread sides (LOL). But, as always, I have to be so careful that "lite" doesn't contain any artificial sweeteners, as I'm extremely allergic to them, especially aspertame/aspartame. So many thanks for all the great, helpful ideas. I'll continue to read them, although I'm not sure if I'm taking my laptop with me to Florida yet. Lynn
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    Carol: I'm happy and proud for Holly. Autistic children are VERY SMART, and VERY GIFTED. Jess: I was puzzled by the 40 lbs. mistake too, I saw your hand in one of the pic., it's a slender hand. I'm happy that it's only 20 lbs., due to the kilograms conversion. Twenty pounds is easy to lose. It took me 6 months to lose 20 lbs. when I had the time to eat salad & apple & carrot & exercise. Then I got busy & get into fast-food & IV myself with juice ... and gained back 20 lbs. WEIGHT-LOSS is a life-long-habit to MAINTAIN, rather than a goal to achieve. People achieve that goal, go back to the old habits, and re-gain all-over again. Jim: Thanks for that link on processed meat, I read the entire article. I wish it would say how many people were involved in that study, or how many test-subjects. Re-post info. from Huffingpost on tips to lose weight: "Aim for 20 to 35 grams of fiber a day from plant foods, since fiber helps fill you up and slows absorption of carbohydrates. " Portion control: Popular “100-calorie” food packages do the portion controlling for you Eating mindfully means giving full attention to what you eat, savoring each bite, acknowledging what you like and don’t like, and not eating when distracted (such as while watching TV, working on the computer). Chew slowly, and savor each bite: Keep in mind also that the most pleasure often comes from the first few bites of a food; after that, it’s the law of diminishing returns. Thus, you should focus on those first few tastes of chocolate, cake, or other indulgences, as this may be enough to satisfy. Get protein in all meals: Some research suggests that distributing your protein throughout the day also helps in weight loss, rather than eating the bulk of it at, say, dinnertime. According to a 2015 paper in theAmerican Journal of Clinical Nutrition, higher-protein diets that include at least 25 grams of protein at each meal may reduce appetite and thus body weight, compared with lower-protein diets. Limit variety at meals. Don’t drink your calories. Allow for (controlled) indulgences. Consider weighing yourself regularly—at least once a week." Huffington Post Tips. **** From Straw: I agree with the above. My lowest weights were achieved when I snacked on high-fiber & high-protein cereal with soy milk ... with at least 35 gram of fiber per day. Also at least 25 g. of protein for each meal, be it peanut-butter or eggs for breakfast, beans for lunch, or fish/meat for dinner. I gained weight whenever I forget to weigh myself at least once a week. Really love their tip of " Keep in mind also that the most pleasure often comes from the first few bites of a food; after that, it’s the law of diminishing returns." So true, I really enjoy the first 4 bites of peanut-butter toast, that's all I can remember ... the rest was just to fill my stomach. Dolly Parton stays slim with her life-long habit, she eats 3 bites of a yummy food, and NO MORE. Practice portion-control is actually fun, once it becomes a habit. So proud of myself last night, I had a sour fruit, so I grabbed a fig-bar, took 3 bites, it was too sweet ... Instead of finishing that, I told myself "You don't have to eat that, you can give it to God." So I wrapped the rest and put away, GREAT FEELING! It felt good to be in control over a piece of junk, and turning something over to God, rather than torturing my body with that.
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    My thoughts are that you should probably do some more research. You can start on this website, by searching for threads that use the terms luan, joists, flooring, subfloor, acclimatization. I would wish to become pretty educated, at least educated enough to ask smart questions of your installers. I researched the heck out of my flooring project (I'm on concrete slab), and decided to purchase the flooring from a local, extremely reputable flooring store (many excellent Yelp reviews) to have leverage so that the store AND the manufacturer are more likely to stand behind the product AND their install. They do their own install, and I requested (and got) their "A Team" installers. I had visited several stores, and what I liked about the store I chose was how patient they were with answering my many, many questions. And they went out of their way to offer me options I hadn't thought of. Like this: they mitered (is it called "picture framing?) around my raised hearth--coolio! Like this: they made sure that where the wood floor meets the tile, there is no transition strip. Like this: they commented that where we have 2 steps up to our front door, that the step was rather narrow, and they could "beef it up" quite easily, making it a wider step. And they did so for no extra charge. Like this: they include for no extra charge, moving of all the furniture out of the rooms, and then back in. Like this: I chose my new baseboards, and they accommodated my request to have no quarter round, which requires more precise cuts near the walls. And those are really just asthetic concerns. You really need to start with functional concerns, which the experts here can help you with. As much as a hassle as new floor installation is, and expensive, you want to get it done right.
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  • 8 years ago
    last modified: 8 years ago

    Thank you, aztcqn, for a well-written and inspirational testimony that healthy eating doesn't have to be dull. I like what you wrote: "The best flavor is in the beginning. But, I've refined my ability to prolong that taste in my brain's flavor center and continue to enjoy a food longer than those initial bites, esp. when it's a favorite."

    Last year my kid caught a cold .. she lost 9 lbs., but Daddy got her hooked on sweet-pastry-treat. She wants one every day, and regain most of what she lost. Yesterday I gave her a giant bowl of curry-soup, then she wanted her pastry .. after that she's still hungry, so I had to give her yogurt & fig newton. She's in a growth spurt, can possibly gain 4 inch. or 10 cm. to her height. So I let her indulge in her sweets for now.

    But I can't possibly grow taller, whatever excess food will show up horizontally, or excess body-fat.

    Agree with what you wrote: " I'm honoring my body more by choosing good clean food." I also honor God by choosing the RAW & NATURAL foods my Creator made, rather than foods made by Eddy's Ice-cream or Sara-Lee.

    I didn't lose weight mid-way through my flu-shot-reaction, since I hung on to my sugarless chewing gum .. that really foster bad bacteria that create false hunger pangs ... I chewed those Trident sugarless gum (with Sorbitol, xylitol, and Aspartame), and no matter how BIG of a dinner I ate, 2 hours later I become hungry again. My neighbor noticed the same, she's my size, but shot up to 140 lb., while I shot up to 134 last winter.

    Mid-way through my flu-shot-reaction I ate those sweet Dannon yogurt (fruit on the bottom, 24g of sugar). The scale refused to move down. I was so ill that I decided to cut ALL SUGAR to boost my immune system: I cut out sugarless gum, cut out sweet yogurt. Then I started dropping weight at 1 lb. per day. The scale this morning read 119.5 ... a steady weight-loss as I embrace RAW foods that God made, AND STAY AWAY FROM MAN-MADE & ARTIFICIAL FOODS like white flour & white sugar & artificial sugars.

    Chia in cooking forum is right about one can lose up to 10 lbs. per week just by RAW foods. I lost 5 lbs. per week just eating apples picked fresh from Michigan, same with fresh peaches.

    Sugar promotes the bad bacteria which signals hunger pangs .... I gave my kid a giant bowl of soup, but after she ate a very sweet pastry ... she's hungry for more food. There's a set of healthy bacteria that signals fullness, but we destroy these healthy gut-bacteria through artificial sugar or regular sugar.

    Ezekiel sprouted grain bread is different from regular whole-wheat bread. Regular whole-wheat bread last the most 2 hours, but Ezekiel sprouted grain bread (many different grains) can easily last for 4 hours, it has sprouted lentil, which UP the protein. That one is sold frozen in the Organic section.

    I'm a believer for RAW greens (with natural enzymes) to treat diabetes. I made a green Kale shake one time .. pretty disgusting, but as I sipped on that I wasn't even hungry until 8 pm. But when my husband snacked on cookies .... he's always hungry ... sugar will do that to you.

    The enzymes in RAW fruits & veggies nourish the beneficial gut-bacteria. I made sauerkraut and Kimchi before ... it's done WITH RAW VEGGIES PLUS HOT PEPPER FLAKES. Those nourish the probiotics for better digestion & less hunger pangs.

    We used to defrost frozen-cod, threw away those vitamin-rich juice, then batter & fry them .. my kid hated that dry & greasy stuff. Last night I did the nutritious way: I put frozen cod (cut into pieces) in a baking dish, then topped with herbs & garlic & olive oil ... lots of water ozzed out as the frozen-cod melted in the hot oven .. then I spooned that broth (rich in nutrients) over rice ... my kid love it !!

  • 8 years ago
    last modified: 8 years ago

    I spent decades eating double-portion, so it will take a while to down-size. Put too much rice in my bowl, had to save the left-over in a tiny bowl, lesson learned. Instead of making 1 toast and 1 egg, I made 2 toasts and 2 eggs .. had to save 1/2 for later.

    We eat more than what we need, and it took a nasty-flu-shot-reaction to make me realize that I should cut my food by 1/2. Eating more than what we need is incur many expenses: less taste as one gorge on something, more time eating, more pain carrying that stuff around 24/7 as fat, double-amount to eliminate as waste, plus stressful to one's body: higher blood sugar, higher cholesterol, more salt, etc.

    I took microeconomics in college, there's the LAW OF DINISMISHING RETURN, more is better, but up to a certain point, then it's a down-ward turn of less satisfaction. With roses, it's about 25, after that amount it's a pain to water them & winterize. More than 25 roses become a chore, rather than enjoyment.

    With food, the LAW OF DINISMISHING RETURN occurs at the point which food doesn't taste good, and merely fills one's appetite, it occurs about the 5th to the 6th bite. That goes for any treat, be it brownie, sweet pastry, or the most delicious dinner.

    Deprivation is what cause excessive consumption of any food. We were skinny when Mom made banana-cream pie everyday. If I see one now, I refuse to eat it ... already know how that taste like a zillion times. I gross my kid & husband with brownie, I would make them, and freeze them in tiny portions (about 5 bites each) .. After having that a zillion times they couldn't care less about brownie.

    Same with biscuit .. had a craving for biscuit during Christmas .. so I made a batch of buttery biscuit with cream cheese & white flour. Froze them in tiny portions (about 4 bites each). I had two of those tiny bites, and didn't like the burnt-milk aftertaste, so I stopped eating. The rest are still frozen, no one care to eat them .. it's always there in the freezer.

  • 8 years ago

    Hi Straw,

    There's a mechanism at work when you eat higher percentage of carbs in a meal.
    In a simplified nutshell, my understanding of it is that blood sugar is cleared out with a huge insulin spike in proportion to the quantity of carbs ingested after a meal. SO, blood sugar drops faster than normal and the signal to eat appears again, sooner than later. The clear sign that your body is making a massive effort to balance and is beginning to show signs of blood sugar issues is the heavy sugar coma that you feel after. I'm sure you know when carbs are accompanied by fiber the sugar is released slower. Even more so when ingested with protein and fat.

    I went through that mill and freaked out, 2 years ago when I used a blood glucose monitor to check after eating one slice of frosted regular ho- hum cake - blood sugar 185- 190 1/2 hour after. I've become insulin resistant and incredibly sensitive to carbs, not just processed sugar, but, all carbs and it's root is from an uncontrolled diet of processed junk and fast food in my youth.

    I do SO much better on 100 grams or lower total carb for the day. Head is clear, no sleepiness after meals. None. I have consistent energy throughout the day and my cholesterol ratios are tops. I don't follow conventional medicines ideas of what is "proper" cholesterol numbers. They've lowered that number and now more people fit into the model of "needing" a statin to stay "healthy". Bah!

    Before I learned how to apply good nutrition in 2012, my cholesterol was considered a great 156. But, everything else was suboptimal
    Triglycerides were 167
    HDL- 32, abysmal

    Last years blood panel:
    Trigs are now 46
    HDL slowly rising, currently at 86
    My risk ratio is less than 1/2 AVG for heart disease, EVEN THOUGH, my total cholesterol is at 224
    I think consistent exercise (which I haven't done for almost a year) will bring that cholesterol number down as well as my insulin resistance and blood sugar numbers will improve closer to 88, currently 92.

    I was on the same hunger, eat carbs, pastries, hamburger buns sugared meat fast food, hunger repeat diet for decades. It was killing me mentally, not just unfocused, tired, but, depressed and lethargic for months on end. I felt trapped. First clue was achy knee joints and then pain in all joints. Every metacarpal in my fingers hurt. Insane! I cut the wheat and pain went down in 3 days, completely in 2 weeks. I was astounded because what I read was proven in my own experience. The bonus was a cleared mind and sharpening of senses. That;s when I realized I have major issue with my digestive tract - what is called a leaky gut. It will take a lot of effort to fix, but, food is the key.

    This is my secret - Whats worked for me. Higher saturated fat proportion in my diet. Kills any cravings for sugar because my body has the fuel it needs. Dropping the carb ratio isn't felt when I eat this way. Minimal cravings with a tiny tiny bit of willpower. If I up the carbs or taste a donut, I'm closing in on that bad cycle again.

    I love preparing meals and I'm learning all the time how simple it is to make it flavorful. Simple preps and cooking is often enough for tasty meals.
    Same. My mom always tossed the broth after cooking meat. I save any drippings or broth and keep adding to it with new veggies and stew new meat and the flavor concentrates in the original broth. Then reduce any of these so it becomes a gravy or sauce. Freeze into cubes and add to a later meal for more depth of flavor!

    "Deprivation is what cause excessive consumption of any food. "

    YES! Once I addressed this, staying on a healthy diet was no longer a problem. Hence my obsession in making sure my food tastes sumptuous. Yesterday I tried a recipe from Bon Appetit site and it was fantastic. A pan fried lemon, garlic and oregano (this was the kicker of flavor) organic chicken thighs with crispy skin. The sauce was so good. Only indulgence was using Japanese wine and sake to the sauce, but, it added minimal carbs. Like you, I don't want to waste my palette on garbage. Only good food. :]

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  • 8 years ago
    last modified: 8 years ago

    Thanks, aztcqn for that fantastic chicken & lemon & garlic & oregano recipe ... will have to try that. Dropping carbs really do wonders to your triglycerides number ... that's very low !! Total cholesterol of 224 is OK, since your HDL (good cholesterol) is so high at 86. The only way I could get my HDL to be that high is through FRESH flax oil, or eating walnuts ... I prefer flax oil since I can sprinkle on dinners.

    Thank you, for a testimony of how carbs can raise blood sugar. I'm going to have less carbs, and more RAW veggies & fruits.

    When my Mom became diabetic, she cut out sugar and her triglycerides dropped, along with her cholesterol. The year that my cholesterol was high, I did once-a-day yogurt, I can't even digest that stuff, it's very inflammatory for my body. Dairy is inflammatory, and American wheat (loaded with pesticides is worse). Great testimony you gave, aztcqn: "Insane! I cut the wheat and pain went down in 3 days, completely in 2 weeks."

    There's something wrong with American wheat,

    Lots of people are gluten-sensitive in America, but when they travel to Europe like France, they can devour bread no problems. See the below link:

    Dr. Andrew Weil, M.D. on whole wheat bread:

    "True whole grains include wild rice, barley, quinoa, millet and wheat berries. You can be pretty sure you're eating a natural grain with a low GI ranking if you have to chew it. The more your jaw has to work, the better. With flour, the conversion to sugar happens very quickly.

    Whole wheat bread and products labeled "whole grain" are usually made with flour. If you check a list of the glycemic index of various foods, such as the one at, you'll see that finely textured whole wheat bread has the same GI as white bread - about 70, making both high GI foods. I recommend cutting down on all products made with flour and increasing consumptions of grains in their more natural state. Andrew Weil, M.D."

  • 8 years ago
    last modified: 8 years ago

    WebMD has "9 surprising foods that raise cholesterol"

    " Even when ground turkey is labeled as 85% lean, it has 12.5 grams of fat in a 3-ounce portion .. choose ground meat -- whether it's turkey or beef -- that's at least 90% lean.

    Added sugars, such as table sugar or high fructose corn syrup, are linked to lower levels of HDL ("good") cholesterol. The American Heart Association recommends getting no more than 100 calories (6 teaspoons) from added sugars per day for women and 150 calories (9 teaspoons) for men.

    Pizza - It's delicious, but cheese and meat toppings add a lot of fat.

    Whole-Fat Dairy Products

    Coconut, coconut oil, palm oil, palm kernel oil, and cocoa butter are plant foods that have saturated fat.

    Ghee is part of a traditional Indian diet, but it's very high in saturated fat. "It is also high in palmitic acid, which is artery-clogging,"

    **** From Straw: refined flour, be it whole-wheat, also raise blood-sugar quickly, thus raising cholesterol level. There's something wrong with American wheat-flour, first it's made from a hybridized much shorter plant, second, it's heavily sprayed with Round-Up.

    We get the WORSE bloating gas when we buy whole-wheat pasta made in America ... can't digest that stuff. Hodgson Mill-brand is nasty in taste & major gas producer, same with another American-made pasta. My tummy would be bloated like a pregnant lady, and hubby complained of bad gas.

    So I switched to ORGANIC pasta made in Italy, Bella Terra brand.. I pay 50 cents more per box, but the taste is fantastic: al-dente, and zero gas nor indigestion after meals. It's 100% whole wheat, but doesn't cause any digestive issue (wheat grown organically in Italy).

    Even our milk are different from European milk, thanks to Monsanto ... our cows are injected with bovine growth hormone, plus other sex hormones. An excerpt from below link: "In research published in 2007, Davasaambuu found that the blood-hormone levels of Mongolian third graders jumped after a month of being fed commercial American milk. A 2010 Japanese study saw similar results in children and adults—men's testosterone levels decreased after they began drinking commercial milk.

    "In a follow-up study, Davaasambu found that milk consumption strongly correlated with the rates of breast, ovarian, and uterine cancers in 40 countries. Part of the problem, she believed, was that milk contains high levels of sex hormones such as estrogen. It's well known that estrogens can induce prostate cancer in rats."

  • 8 years ago
    last modified: 8 years ago

    Hi Straw,

    Your posts are quite thought-provoking and research instigating.

    I LOVE milk, but, my body doesn't. I used to drink organic raw milk, which shouldn't have had any of the nasty GH or anti-B's but, even that was an issue and still is inflammatory for me.
    I agree. The wheat in this country is sold for profit not nutrition. I would say 95% of the food industry does this, unless they're conscientious organic food growers. Interesting to note the difference in your digestion with the different pastas. Wow. I've read articles of some farmers using Glyphosate to kill the wheat for earlier harvest. Even if not all do so, no doubt flours combine from different sources and no way to know where the wheat comes from. On top of that potassium bromate is used to alter the texture of all commercial flours. But, it's okay ,because the US allows it bakery products as long as "bromate residues are well below 20 ppb." So after 50 years of ingesting low amounts of this chemical people may wonder where the thyroid cancer came from? Terrible. Even China makes it illegal.

    It's disgusting how so much garbage is marketed as healthy to unknowing public. It really pays to do your homework. Your life could depend on it. I'm beholden to all the wonderful folks on the internet who dig around and made it their purpose to post information based on the latest findings that we need to know about protecting our health, knowledge a doctor won't tell you or doesn't understand enough to give you informed options.

    Palmitic acid. What I found:
    Mary Enig provided these statements.
    "Butter, chicken (including the skin), cocoa butter, lard, and beef tallow all contain approximately 25 to 26 percent palmitic acid. Is it bad for babies - human milk fat ranges from 20 to 25 percent palmitic acid? At 45 percent, tropical palm oil is highest in palmitic acid - associated with longevity in traditional South Pacific and East African diets. Even 'good' olive oil is 14 percent palmitic!"

    and in fact

    "….is the major fatty acid in normal lung surfactant. That's right, 68 percent of the fat protecting the lungs is palmitic acid."

    It's part of our make-up as is cholesterol. As you mentioned inflammation is the biggest trigger to damage our bodies and definitely to arteries and a cause of output of cholesterol. to protect attires.
    Isolated, palmitic might be harmful like say hydrochloric acid would be, but, as part of the body or integrated in food it's effect is mitigated by other fatty acids and nutrients.

    I don't buy the conventional medical view that a diet high in saturated fat is the leading cause to heart disease like i don't believe higher cholesterol numbers are harmful on their own. I would never put my mom or myself on a commercial statin, ever.

    From my own experience saturated fat has, in fact, helped bring my numbers into a very good range. I cook with rendered pork fat almost exclusively and some coconut oil and even less olive oil. I think the lowering of carbs was the biggest factor in my current blood panels, however, when I began my research and applied what I learned, my numbers did appear as was predicted in the information I read. I replaced olive oil with saturated fat in high temp cooking because it does not degrade in high heat like all vegetable oils into a trans fat. THAT will trigger inflammation in the arteries over time. During this transition I was not very active and my numbers changed to optimal with minimal exercise.

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  • 8 years ago
    last modified: 8 years ago

    Agree with you, aztcqn, and thank you for the research on potassium bromide in American flour. My family complain loudly of how icky American whole wheat pasta taste, when I switched to ORGANIC Italian made whole-wheat pasta (Bella Terra), it's so yummy that I'll never go back to white pasta again.

    The Medical community has been wrong many times: approving DES to pregnant woman (causing birth defects), HRT (hormone-replacement-therapy) which UP breast & ovarian cancer .. they used to recommend calcium, now it's the opposite: magnesium. Or they used to say eggs contribute to cholesterol, now they say that egg & shrimp are harmless to cholesterol.

    I agree that high numbers in cholesterol, triglycerides are indicative of INFLAMMATORY state, be it from sugar, dairy-allergy, or the body reacting to something UNNATURAL (such as trans-fat, or pesticides-laden fats like canola oil and cottonseed oil ... which are the most sprayed crops). Also eating too much is INFLAMMATORY, one can drop all numbers just by losing weight. Why would we want to drink milk from another species, a cow, we are not even infants !!

    I definitely have a lactose-intolerance, it's very inflammatory .. and I can't handle that when I'm sick with flu-shot-reaction. Husband took over cooking and used butter instead of olive oil. I vomited his soup, can't stand the taste. Even lactose-free kefir destroy my sleep if I take that before bed-time. Babies who are fed cow-milk vomit more than babies who are fed breast-milk.

    Thank you, aztcqn, for the info. you provided: "human milk fat ranges from 20 to 25 percent palmitic acid? At 45 percent, tropical palm oil is highest in palmitic acid - associated with longevity in traditional South Pacific and East African diets. Even 'good' olive oil is 14 percent palmitic! ... ….is the major fatty acid in normal lung surfactant. That's right, 68 percent of the fat protecting the lungs is palmitic acid."

    In my family of 12 children (9 girls and 3 boys), only one sister has cholesterol below 200 .. she's 66 year-old. She's skinny, doesn't over-eat to put her body in inflammatory state. She grows her own veggies, and eat brown rice & meat & fresh produce. She cooks with natural olive oil (imported from Italy).

    The doc. put my husband on statins .. both he and his running buddies developed muscle pain, so both quit that. One of my sister took statins, which led to diabetes. Google Statins and diabetes and you'll see, the older class of statins UP the risk of diabetes.

    We have so many inflammatory substances in America: cooked, hormone-rich milk, pesticides-laden wheat, unhealthy oil like canola and cottonseed oil (heavily sprayed). In my native country Vietnam, everyone is skinny .. people eat lots of RAW produce, drink freshly-squeezed lemonade (rather than cooked & pasteurized juice), and people cooked with PORK FAT & sugar was rare.

    Few people in poor countries have high cholesterol or triglycerides ... people there walked a lot, and don't stuff themselves to the point of inflammation.

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    Bluegirl shared with me something so true .. she wrote: "I used to notice that when I ate sweets--I mean sweets with refined sugar--I wanted them all the time. When I didn't eat them--I didn't want them. It's like it's addictive or something."

    From Straw: agree that sweets are addictive, I can go for one-year without sweets, just 4 organic raisins is enough to satisfy ... organic raisins are sweeter & juicer than regular raisins (loaded with pesticides). Or I have 4 or 5 tiny dark-chocolate-chips (the type for baking) .. But if I give in to a sweet-treat, like homemade apple pie, then I want that every day !!

    In Vietnam, a sweet-treat was 3 times a year event: New year, Christmas, and Moon festival.

  • 8 years ago

    Much healthier way to live and eat in your country than here. My mom grew up on a ranch in Mexico. They harvested what they ate. Same. Sugar baked treats were rare and they walked everywhere. Living in the country means physical labor everyday. Her family came here, and all developed full-blown diabetes from convenience food and especially intake of obscenely high amounts of soft drinks for decades. I switched to a fizzy drink called Zevia sweetened with stevia and blood sugar after several years remains the same.
    Wish I could eat only 4 raisins......I guess, I still have to work on the nutrition so my body won't feel the need to substitute for nutrients it lacks.

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    Same with my Mom ... she grew up in Vietnam, walked 2 miles daily to Farmer's market. Had 12 children, very healthy & energetic. Then she came to America in her late 50's, drank pop (7-Up and Sprite) everyday, plus baked sweet treats, developed diabetes in her 60's, despite an active job which she walked all-day.

    The problem with artificial sugar like xylitol, sucralose, and aspartame, also with natural-sugar like Stevia is THEY ALL REINFORCE THE SWEET TOOTH. I tried Stevia lately, could not stand its sickening sweet-taste ... I prefer plain-lemon-water.

    Decades of chewing sugarless gum loaded with artificial sugar GEARED my taste-buds toward sweets .. devoured the entire fig-bar 17 g of sugar, or Dannon-yogurt with 24g of sugar. Then I cut down my chewing gum from 1 stick per day to 1/2 stick per day, my addiction to sweet went down.

    With this month-long flu-shot reaction, I cut out chewing gum completely, and I become very sensitive to sweet .. I can only handle 4 raisins, beyond that is too sweet. Yesterday I ate a grapefruit and was surprised at how sweet it is.

    Then I ate a "Ruby Frost" apple, and it was sweet & tart ... so delicious, and for the 1st time in my life I would take a fresh apple over an apple pie.

    As I abstain my taste-buds from extreme-sweetness (artificial sugars, pasteurized juice), I become more sensitive to sweet. Same with salt, I switched from regular salt to lite salt (potassium chloride), cook with less salt, and I become VERY SENSITIVE to salt. My blood pressure measured at the doc's office this Jan. 20 was 102/56, quite low (I'm 54).

    I don't even buy regular carrots since it tastes saltier than organic carrot. I grew up eating sweet Butternut squash from my Mom's garden, and today I cooked a store-bought butternut squash, so salty, and blah ... they grew that with salty chemical fertilizer, versus my Mom grew her squash with manure.

    The nurse called me today with my lab-results, blood drawn on Jan. 20. The comprehensive metabolite panel (cholesterol, triglycerides, blood sugar) is OK, but the inflammatory markers are high .. I went to the doc with a full-blown flu & vertigo, thanks to the flu-shot. That shows how conventional medicine can screw up a healthy body. My husband came down with a cold yesterday, despite his flu-shot taken with me on Dec. 19. He thinks that the Novocain shot at the dentist's office suppressed his immune system ... that shows flu-shots are useless against the common-cold, and can really suppressed one's immune system like my case.

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    Yes, developing a sensitivity to salt or sugar after a diet low in both for many years was my experience, too. Interestingly, one of the things that saved me after I stressed my adrenals last year and suffered low cortisol was sea-salted water and lots of it. Kept me from extreme dehydration and helped sustain the electrolyte balance in my system until my adrenals came back online. Was a very scary and enlightening experience. Nothing is worth stressing out to that degree, ever.

    It's fascinating how food has the power to heal the body. Yes. Stevia is an acquired taste. I'm okay with it. It probably might influence my interest in sugar, but, I've found that it has been a factor in keeping me on my diet away from heavily sugared & processed treats. Upping the fats, I think, is the only way I'd be interested in only 4 raisins. It's worth noting you've changed your taste by reducing it overall.

    I am so beholden to the wonderful people who research then place the info within reach for those who want the truth. Knowledge is power. I've avoided so much pain by informing on lots of stuff. Especially the confusing area of cholesterol and diabetes and reversal of each in many cases. My Mom's Doctor insisted she needed to be on statins because she was "genetically predisposed to high cholesterol". HaaaaaaNope. Who says?! Fortunately, I found, new science shows different.

    I get you on the flavors of produce. When I visited Rome many years ago, I was astounded at what fruit and vegetables could really taste like! I wanted tomatoes on everything. The flavor was incredibly sweet and amazing. The plums are so scrumptious even the peel was delicious and a wonderful tangy contrast to the intense sweetness of the plum. I came back and went back into an apathetic view of our produce here. On occasion I buy conventionally grown vegetables when money is tight.

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    Lots of good info here, thanks aztcqn and straw.

    I just remembered nutritional information that can be helpful concerning caffeine (tea or coffee or Pepsi). The studies show that caffeine irritates the lining of the stomach and inhibits the uptake of certain important nutrients. So that is why we have the coffee after eating a meal.

    Also, I got the Phillips colon health probiotics starting today. I was taking the one a day probiotics. That was good. Then for a month I took the PB8 probiotics. I decided to try the Phillips one again. It has good reviews. I tried it a long time ago and remember I thought it was good. It's just like the soil we grow food in have healthy microbiology that way the plants get all the nutrients they need. Then when we eat them we don't over eat to supply the cravings for missing essential nutrients.

    Thank You again Straw for this thread.

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    Thanks, Sam, for a good review on Phillips Colon Health probiotics, and info. on caffeine.

    Thank you, aztcqn, for beautiful write-up about the healthy minerals in sea-salt. Someone gave me PInk Himalayan salt ... I put that in soup, and the soup has the best flavor ever !! I use sea-salt in my cooking, and lite-salt (potassium chloride) as shaker, in case my food is too bland.

    Agree with you that healthy soil is needed for the best flavor, like your travel to Rome with their fabulous tomato and plum. Italy has good rainfall. We bought a bag of plums from Sam's club, grown in CA, we trashed the entire $7 bag ... they were hard like stone, dry & bitter & green.

    Good soil and good rainfall makes the best produce. I bought a case of mandarin orange (imported from Israel) .. Israel has sun, but very dry & not much rain ... irrigation is through tap water. My kid refused to eat those .. I tasted one, it's sweet but salty too. I prefer the mandarin orange from Florida, decent rainfall to give it a clean taste.

    Here's from Google News today:

    " The researchers looked at up to 24 years’ worth of data from 124,000 people in the U.S. The people in the data set, who were ages 27 to 65, had reported their weight every two years and their diet every four years between 1986 and 2011. The results revealed a relationship between diets high in flavonoids and less weight gain.

    The ones that had a biggest impact were anthocyanins, found in dark red foods like blueberries, cherries, grapes and strawberries, and flavonoid polymers, found in tea and apples. Past animal studies have suggested that flavonoids in whole foods might decrease the absorption of fat and may increase calorie expenditure."

    *** From Straw: RAW sour cherry juice helped me to lose weight, but I packed on weight with COOKED sweet cherry juice (with added apple juice) sold as "Old Orchard" frozen juice. The Flavonoids are best as RAW, cooking destroys the enzymes and the flavonoids. Red watermelon is sweet, but my Mom ate it RAW daily in the summer, that's when her blood-sugar is best and she's slim, under 115 as a 90 year old (she's taller than me). An old neighbor lost 20+ lbs. by eating watermelon, it's sweet, but it has red anthocyanins .. also read on how watermelon helps with weight-loss in Prevention magazine decade ago.

    Down to 119 lb, that's 8 lb. loss since my flu-shot on Dec. 19, 2015. My being sick with that flu-shot taught me that FRESH produce & FRESH fatty acids is important. Prior to the flu-shot I took stinky liquid-fish-oil, broke out in rash ... then the news came out that fish-oil raised prostrate cancer risk, plus useless for the many claims (falsely promoted by fish-pills-companies).

    What really worked for us is FRESH flax oil (omega-3 from a plant). I gave that to my kid for her skin-rash since she was a baby ... it healed her skin, kept her warm & she's always skinny despite taking 2 Tablespoon since she was 2 year old. FRESH omega-3 stimulate the brown fat which burns calories better & keep the body warmer. Still remember at 44 year old, I topped a peanut-butter sandwich with flax oil ... super greasy, and I was under 100 lb. at that time !!

    I came back to flax-oil after I got sick from the flu-shot, Just one teaspoon is enough to make me full fast. Last night I was busy putting red pepper flake, black pepper on my curry-chicken, and I forgot to put fresh-flax oil. I kept eating, but didn't feel full, until I remember to put some flax-oil, then I was full immediately. Fat helps to signal fullness, and Flax oil is rich in Omega-3, Omega-9, and lesser amount of the unhealthy Omega-6. I buy the FRESH flax oil from the refrigerated section of health food store. In hot summer, I got 2 stinky flax bottles which I got my money back from the store ... if they are NOT refrigerated, they get slight odor, but NOT stinky like fish-oil. Barlean's Flax oil is freshest (milder than olive oil, if freshly pressed one or 2 months ago). I tried other refrigerated brand, they were never as good as Barlean's.

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    Fat is my best friend (in food). It adds a rich flavor and it keeps me full. Experimenting with coconut oil in shakes. I have MCT oil which I plan to use on low carb days.

    StrawC, Interesting post on your flax experience. And watermelon! I'd have to research flax oil a bit more as I have to be careful of estrogenic food influences. I use this for Vit A and Omegas - Rosita Cod Liver Oil This is definitely for determined folks.

    We have navel orange tree planted by my father many years ago and it has barely reached maturity. The oranges are one of the most beautiful reminders of my dad. They are so sweet and juicy even when water is scarce, here, from the drought. Interesting that you noted the saltiness of your mandarins. Our oranges have a salt taste that I actually love as an offset to the sweetness. We do use a commercial citrus food, left over from my dad's garden care products. I, truly, love this tree for it's memory of my father and for it's wonderful nourishing crop of sunshine and water globes it gives us every winter. It brings tears to my eyes when I see the tree growing year after year. I want it to grow and be an ancient source of fruit one day.

    I think the oldest navel orange is over 100 years old in Riverside. An ancestor of all the winter crop navels of California. Possibly the great granddaddy of our young adult tree in my garden. Parent Washington Navel

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    Aztcqn: That's a wonderful story of the orange tree planted by your Dad, giving you good memories. I did the entire week of research of flax oil, before giving it to my kid daily (she's 13 year old). After giving birth, I peed 6 times before going to bed !! For my case, switching from cow-milk to soy-milk HELPED tremendously (less bloating, less peeing). The estrogenic influence in cow-milk is much more than soy-milk, and WAY MORE than flax oil.

    From "Dr. Rubin said these findings suggest that inhibiting estrogen may help in the fight against prostate cancer. The results of the study were published in the May, 2008 online edition of the National Cancer Institute."

    The estrogen in cow milk is WAY MORE than estrogen in soy milk or flax oil. For more info., see below link in Organic Rose forum .. I did that research and found that cow milk promotes prostate cancer, breast cancer, due to the high levels of hormones in lactating cows.

    Some doctors mistake phytoestrogen (God-made & natural) with chemical estrogen (man-made). My Swedish mother-in-law grew up drinking tons of cow-milk (zero flax, zero soy), and had a mastectomy at 40 year old.

    No history of breast-cancer in my family of 9 girls (I'm the youngest girl), nor in my Mom nor Dad's side ... we eat tons of soy-products in Vietnam & zero cow milk. I got curious about phytoestrogen (occur naturally in plants) versus chemical hormones added to cow milk .. found this article from Cornell University: "A diet rich in phytoestrogens has been proposed as a way to decrease breast cancer risk. Some, but not all studies show that women with a diet high in phytoestrogens, including vegans (who eat no animal foods) and women who eat diets high in soy products, have lower rates of breast cancer.

    Why is this so? Most phytoestrogens are not stored in the body, but are quickly broken down. Phytoestrogens are weak estrogens, and may prevent stronger human estrogens from binding to the estrogen receptor. If the weaker estrogens bind to the receptor instead of the stronger ones, there may be less breast cell division. Women with diets rich in phytoestrogens also excrete more estrogens into their urine, and have lower blood estrogen levels. Some studies have shown that women with a diet rich in phytoestrogens have longer, and hence fewer, menstrual cycles. All of these factors may contribute to reduced breast cancer risk."

    Below excerpt is from Oncology nutrition - Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics " Animal studies have shown that both flaxseed oil and lignans can reduce breast tumor growth and spread, even for ER- cancer cells. This result suggests that flaxseeds may have anti-cancer benefits that are unrelated to any type of effect on estrogen or estrogen metabolism."

    Phytoestrogen is DIFFERENT from chemical hormones injected into cow to make them produce milk longer. An excerpt from below link: "new study out of Harvard University showing that pasteurized milk product from factory farms is linked to causing hormone-dependent cancers. It turns out that the concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFO) model of raising cows on factory farms churns out milk with dangerously high levels of estrone sulfate, an estrogen compound linked to testicular, prostate, and breast cancers.

    Dr. Ganmaa Davaasambuu, Ph.D., and her colleagues specifically identified "milk from modern dairy farms" as the culprit, referring to large-scale confinement operations where cows are milked 300 days of the year, including while they are pregnant. Compared to raw milk from her native Mongolia, which is extracted only during the first six months after cows have already given birth, pasteurized factory milk was found to contain up to 33 times more estrone sulfate.

    Havard-trained doctor Andrew Weil, M.D. stated "Among women, milk consumption has been associated with an increased risk of ovarian cancer in both the Nurses' Health Study and in a 2005 study from Sweden's Karolinska Institute.

    Organic milk is better in many respects than conventional milk but still may be full of natural hormones. My advice: cut down on dairy products. Substitute soy milk for cow's milk when possible. Andrew Weil, M.D."

    From Physicians committee for responsible medicine "In international and interregional correlational studies, dairy product consumption has been consistently associated with prostate cancer mortality.3-7 The largest and most recent of these, based on World Health Organization mortality figures for 1985-1989 from 59 countries and United Nations food balance data for 1979-1981, reported a strong correlation between per capita milk consumption and prostate cancer mortality (r = 0.78, P<0.0001).7 A more geographically restricted study, conducted in 20 Italian regions, found a similar correlation between prostate cancer mortality and milk consumption (r = 0.75, P <0.01).6

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    Another study on the effect of dairy on hormones:

    "The results of the study were worrisome, especially for children. The adult male participants had significantly increased blood levels of all female hormones including estrogen and progesterone as well a sharp decline in serum testosterone. All the adults in the study as well as the children had increased levels of estrogen and progesterone and a suppression of their body’s own hormonal regulation of these same hormones."

    **** There's medical links to dairy and acne, and I had seen that in my 13-year old daughter. Her blood test showed high testosterone, plus she has early signs of PCOS, plus acne. We suspect the testosterone is from the beef she eats, so we switched to ORGANIC grass-fed beef, switched her from cow milk to soy milk, plus cut out sugar. Her acne and PCOS is gone & normal female development.

    The hormones that they pump into cows is WAY MORE than the phytoestrogen in soy milk, or flax oil. Cutting out sugar also raised my kid grades's in her gifted program. First quarter I packed her lunch to her taste, nothing but sugar: jello & fruit, graham cracker and Nutella, yogurt. She got 2 B's for 1st quarter, and got stressed out in her English gift program .. crying under pressure.

    Second quarter I packed her lunch to my taste: A thermos of hot food (flax oil, beans, rice, organic meat), sometimes I just nuke a chicken-frozen dinner & drizzle flax oil, plus a cheese/whole wheat sandwich for more protein, I also packed veggies like carrots & fresh fruits. Instead of giving her pancake & syrup for breakfast, I give her high-protein cereal with high-protein soy milk, plus fresh fruits. She got all A's (3 of them are A+), and got perfect scores in her English papers ... no more crying and getting zero from NOT finishing her writing. I make her going to bed one hour early, so she got 9 hours of sleep. She performed better in school & much happier & no more depression.

    Some info. from link below: " FAn estimated 80 percent of all US feedlot cattle are injected with hormones to make them grow faster, Fand one government study from 2007 estimated that approximately 17 percent of all cows in the US were given the genetically engineered growth hormone rBGH G to increase milk production.

    Hormones in Beef

    According to the European Union’s Scientific Committee on Veterinary Measures Relating to Public Health (SCVPH), the use of six natural and artificial growth hormones in beef production pose a potential risk to human health. FThese six hormones include three that are naturally occurring – Oestradiol, Progesterone and Testosterone – and three that are synthetic – Zeranol, Trenbolone, and Melengestrol. When hormones are injected into cattle, some naturally occurring hormone levels increase 7 to 20 times. F

    I double-check with government link to see if the above is true, yes they are:

    FDA site on hormones injected into beef

    " Since the 1950s, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a number of steroid hormone drugs for use in beef cattle and sheep, including natural estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, and their synthetic versions. These drugs increase the animals’ growth rate and the efficiency by which they convert the feed they eat into meat ... Synthetic Hormones

    Some of the approved drugs are synthetic versions of the natural hormones, such as trenbolone acetate and zeranol. Just like the natural hormone implants, before FDA approved these drugs ... "

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    I appreciate the info you posted on flax oil. I will continue to increase my knowledge on this nutrient.

    In my own research I found that there is evidence that some of soy's binding to receptor sites instead of one's own estrogen can be detrimental. Phytoestrogens and Estrogen Receptors

    Raising estrogen levels from other xenoestrogens AND high intake of plant based sources combine in beyond normal amounts in the body and is a recipe for major health issues, not to mention some cancer risk increases from accumulated estrogen in the body. This is very controversial subject. As much evidence for as against.

    My thyroid had tanked several years ago from stress and conventional diets. Yep, lots of cow milk and processed foods that all have soybean oil or protein in them as standard ingredients. It's in just about everything made out there. I began to have many issues of hormone imbalances and was horribly tired for more than a couple of years. I was very reluctant to take the thyroid medication my Doc prescribed. I asked if this was reversible, he said it was unlikely. I knew that the thyroid as well as many other glands operate on a feedback loop stem. If it's externally supplied my own body would reduce this hormone further.

    Aside from being an estrogenic legume I learned that unfermented soy is also a goitrogen. I stopped all products that had it as an ingredient. That means not bringing home a lot of stuff and learning to make my own condiments, I learned about plastics that contribute it's own form and avoided those, as well. Slowly switching to glass storage. Anyway, 8 years later my thyroid panels are very good and I stopped taking thyroid hormone 7 years ago. I don't have antibodies to my thyroid which was the biggest relief to read which means my inflammation is under control, although could still improve. My chemistry has barely balanced out. I am reluctant to upset what I've achieved atm with any unfermented soy products.

    I really do have to attribute my increase in health to the Primal Diet. It cuts out MANY questionable foods and emphasizes fresh and organic, pasture raised food.

    I had to finally accept that milk contains estrogen, even without the hormone injections. When my gut heals I will return to occasional raw milk, but, I will never buy conventionally produced milk, again, because of the nasty way most of the ranchers treat their livestock on top of the crap they put in the cows. Always organic and I support the non-factory small producers with a conscience.

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    Hi aztcqn: Agree that corn-fed, zero-sun, and hormone & antibiotics injections mess up milk. Same with soy: we eat tons of soy in Vietnam: soy milk, tofu everyday, and the skinny Buddhist monks there eat soy daily since they are vegetarians. No one ever have a thyroid problem in Vietnam, and the soy back then WAS NOT GENETICALLY MODIFIED, nor doused with pesticides like the soy in America.

    I did a thread on the problem with soy in Organic Rose, where I dug up research on carrageenan additive in soy which irritate the body, that's the same stuff they add in ice-cream & coffee creamer. Carrageenan is inflammatory to the thyroid. Also the aluminum equipment they use to press soy in making tofu. raise the aluminum levels to brain-damaging level. I stopped eating tofu after I posted that in Organic Rose. My Mom's tofu in Vietnam tasted yummier, because she used Organic, non-genetically modified soy, plus she used stones to press tofu, rather than aluminum.

    I use soy products for my entire life, but stopped for a few years 2013, 2014, & most of 2015 when genetically-modified soy-milk with added carrageenan upset my stomach greatly. I came back to soy late 2015, after they take out carrageenan, and the SILK Organic soy is certified 100% non-genetically modified. I get my thyroid tested yearly for decades: zero problems. My kid's friend who drinks 3 glasses of cow-milk per day is tested hypo-thyroid, and is on thyroid medication.

    My kid had the WORST time ever on cow-milk. She was a happy kid, being fed with soy-milk after 3-year-old (I breast-fed her before then). When she reached puberty (11 year) .. that's when we took her off soy, and put her on cow-milk, plus plenty of ice-cream. Her hormones went out of whack with the many hormones added to cow-milk. She got depressed, she grew body hair & acne, her period was heavy, diarrhea & stinky gas, horrible mood-swings with crying, her blood test showed high-testosterone.

    We put her back on soy-milk late in 2015: big improvement, body hair & acne reduced, less mood-swings & crying. She's happy & energetic, her grades shot up. we use non-genetically modified, no carrageenan ORGANIC silk soy. Her thyroid is always normal.

    What I like about soy-milk is IT'S CLEAN, I can rinse the glass off, and it's not stinky like cow-milk. Soy milk doesn't have added hormones, antibiotics, or pain-killers nor contaminated with feces and pus (from mastitis, UP with Monsanto hormone).

    With cow milk, I have to wash with serious-soap twice to get rid of the stinky smell, very much like chicken or eggs. Cow-milk is allowed by the FDA to contain added hormones, plus a % of feces and pus.

    The safest milk is coconut milk ... my kid used it before with zero harm on her hormones, but coconut milk has no protein to fill her up for breakfast like soy milk. We need protein & fat in our cold zone 5a, when it gets down below zero in the morning. Sometimes I mix 1/2 coconut milk and 1/2 soy milk, to get both fat and protein.

    Some cow-milk also contain antibiotics, see excerpt from Time Magazine, March 2015:

    "Milk intended for commercial sale is tested for six commonly used antibiotics, NPR reports, and any shipment that tests positive for drug residue is barred from ever making it to the supermarket. Because of that, farmers only use antibiotics on the dairy cows when the cows’ health requires it, and they put those cows’ milk production on hold.

    The FDA has learned, however, that some farmers use antibiotics that aren’t even intended for cows because the drugs go undetected by these tests. The agency studied milk from close to 2,000 dairy farms, roughly half of which were under suspicion, and half of which were random samples. More than 1% of the under-suspicion group, and .4% of the other samples, tested positive for six antibiotics not FDA-approved for use on dairy cows."

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    With my flu-shot reaction and month-long suffering, I spent most of my time sleeping & napping, and ate very little. I drink lots liquid, since I put black pepper, and caynne pepper on my food to unplug my nose & ears. Drank tons of lemon juice, but NO added sugar (suppress immune system). Lost 9 lbs. since the flu-shot on Dec. 19, 2015. I'm convinced that the key to lose weight is to SLEEP MORE & no-sugar drinks, AND EAT LESS.

    Here's from Google News today: "

    When you lose sleep, you gain weight. In a study done by the University of Colorado, lab researchers controlled the amount of sleep that study participants were getting ... those who were deprived of sleep on average gained two pounds per week.

    Several studies have also indicated that working under artificial light can have an effect on sleep. There is considerable research that says exposure to excessive artificial light well into the evening hours has contributed to the epidemic of obesity. The availability of this light 24/7 affects the body’s internal clock and interferes with the natural rhythms of day and night. Not getting enough natural light is also contributing to the problem.

    As previously reported by the Inquisitr, one of the most effective ways to help lose weight is coconut oil. Coconut oil contains medium chain fatty acids and can increase metabolism while decreasing appetite. It is also one of the most healthy oils for weight loss because it allows dieters to avoid raising their blood sugar and can be converted to energy immediately.

    Regular exercise causes the hunger hormones to drop and raises satiety hormones. For the best weight loss results, aerobic exercise was recommended for fat burning and included workouts like jogging and walking.

    Other tips to help dieters lose weight include getting hydrated and reducing stress. Drinking water throughout the day helps with digestion and also helps you feel fuller. Some research has also indicated that drinking a full glass of water before meals helps with weight loss. "


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    Info. on added hormones in cow-milk from below link:

    " Demko was 39 when she was diagnosed with a very aggressive breast cancer, and she's convinced that all the milk she drank played a part. In October, Demko, a former corporate banker, helped raise funds to bring together about three dozen dairy researchers, from nutritional epidemiologists to dairy scientists, at a McGill and Harvard-sponsored conference. It was the first time such a diverse group of milk researchers had been brought together under one roof. Practically everyone in the room could agree on several things. First, cow's milk contains steroid hormones such as estradiol and testosterone, and peptide hormones such as IGF-1. Second, drinking milk has been shown to boost serum levels of certain hormones, particularly IGF-1, in humans. Third, high levels of certain hormones, particularly IGF-1, have been shown to increase the risk of certain cancers."

  • 8 years ago

    Lots of info. Very much appreciated. I love coconut milk in currys and in my coffee. I found one from Thailand in our local Japanese market that only has coconut milk, no carrageenan. I'm always looking at labels.
    Generations of tampering for profit has ruined what was once good food, wheat being a prime example.

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    Aztcqn: Thank you for your feed back, which inspire me to check on things. I worked as a computer-programmer, so accuracy and double-checking is in my veins. Ever wonder why 1/2 cup of ice-cream isn't enough .. you want more because your stomach feels irritated? They put carrageenan in everything: yogurt, ice cream, coffee creamer, milk-substitute .. that stuff is very inflammatory.

    My Mom made soy-milk weekly in Vietnam, but hers was Organic, NOT genetically-modified to withstand a large amount of Round-Up, and NO carrageenan .. I grew up with that & zero thyroid problems.

    When Organic Silk soy milk had carrageenan, one bowl of cereal wasn't enough .. I had to eat 3 .. always had stomachache afterwards. They took out carrageenan in 2015 for Organic Silk Soy ... at first it tasted really blah (no longer creamy), but after months of usage I don't even notice it anymore.

    Everything is an acquired taste ... before my flu-shot reaction I put extra of sugar in juice, or ate those fruit-cocktail cups (in 100% juice). After month-long of being sick, I love the taste of FRESH lemon juice, no added sugar, and COULD NOT EVEN stomach those fruit-cocktail cups (in 100% juice) .. so sickening sweet.


    "Dr. Tobacman said that her research has shown that exposure to carrageenan causes inflammation. We know that chronic inflammation is a root cause of many serious diseases including heart disease, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases, and cancer.

    Dr. Tobacman also told the board that in the past, drug investigators actually used carrageenan to cause inflammation in tissues in order to test the anti-inflammatory properties of new drugs. And she reported further that when laboratory mice are exposed to low concentrations of carrageenan for 18 days, they develop "profound" glucose intolerance and impaired insulin action, both of which can lead to diabetes.

    All told, as far as carrageenan safety goes, I recommend avoiding regular consumption of foods containing carrageenan. This is especially important advice for persons with inflammatory bowel disease. Andrew Weil, M.D."

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    From Prevention magazine on carrageenan:

    "Joanne Tobacman, MD, associate professor of clinical medicine at the University of Illinois School of Medicine at Chicago. She says the food ingredient irritates by activating an immune response that dials up inflammation. Her previous work showed a concerning connection between carrageenan and gastrointestinal cancer in lab animals, and she's involved with ongoing research funded through the National Institutes of Health that is investigating carrageenan's effect on ulcerative colitis and other diseases like diabetes."

    List of foods that contain carrageenan: Buttermilk, chocolate milk, cottage cheese, cream, eggnog, ice cream, canned milk, sour cream, yogurt, almond milk, soymilk, coconut milk, coffee creamer, flax milk, rice milk, whipped cream, pudding, diet soda, infant formula."

    *** Even before I got sick with flu-shot, I ate MUCH LESS with no-carrageenan soy milk, and stomach was NOT irritated like with carrageenan-added. They took out carrageenan from ORGANIC Silk soy milk in 2015, but others still contains carrageenan.

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    I like that info on carrageenan.

    New article on food grown Organic.

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    Sam: Thanks for that link. I went to Walmart today, they are sold-out on the ORGANIC soy milk without carrageenan. The public is well-informed, and my taste-buds choose organic foods over non-organic. Regular carrots are too salty for my taste, that's why I buy ORGANIC carrots. My blood pressure has been 104/76 (last week) & around that range for decades. I ate home-grown Swiss chard before .. really yummy, but I can't stand the store-bought Swiss-chard, too salty ... the chemical fertilizer they use impart a salty taste to the veggies.

    This week my village chopped down 2 dead parkway trees across from me. I have the exact same tree (white-ash) ... and mine is still alive. Why are my neighbors' trees dead? They both fertilize their lawn many times with the nasty chemical to kill weeds (also bring down the pH of soil). I fertilize my lawn only twice a year, and I use the lawn-fertilizer WITHOUT the chemical to kill weeds.

    To kill weeds like dandelions I pour vinegar at their roots, then dig them up by hand.

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    Thank you, Khalid, for sharing about the use of pepper & chilies in your Pakistan cuisine. My flu-shot-reaction with inflammation led me to using more black pepper, red-pepper flakes, and hot sauce .. just to ease the nose & throat & ear inflammation. Although I'm feeling much better with medicine, I keep on using black pepper & red pepper & hot sauce and notice that eat 1/2 less of everything & feel full faster. I tend to drink more water & eat more veggies when the food is "spicy hot". Really like how hot pepper warm me up in the winter.

    Checked on Amazon and folks take cayenne pills for: reduce blood sugar, joint-pain, fight inflammation, lower blood pressure.


    "Increases Metabolism

    The “Journal of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology” published a study on the effects of capsaicin on weight loss in 2013. Researchers found that regularly eating capsaicin led to higher levels of satiety, resulting in fewer calories consumed. In addition, capsaicin raised energy expenditure levels in those taking part in the study, leading to increased metabolism.

    Helps Burn Fat

    A 2014 issue of “Progress in Drug Research” found that those with diets high in capsaicin had less likelihood of developing obesity and that capsaicin also increased the rate of fat burning. This was especially true when capsaicin was taken as a supplement one hour before moderate-intensity exercise, as the capsaicin increased the body’s natural fat-burning mechanisms."

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