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MS OneDrive and Office365 issues

9 months ago

After I retired and moved away, I decided to separate my computer functions from my former employer. My personal laptop has Office on it, but when I got a new one, I decided to go with the Office365 subscription route, along with Windows 11. I now have OneDrive on both computers, but when I put a file from one computer, the other one doesn't see it. Is it possible that there are two different types of OneDrive installations? When I go to MS's help file, they are always talking about logging on to OneDrive on the web, which isn't what I want to do.

When I use the older, Win10 computer and log on to Office365, it works, but keeps asking me if I want to download it, even though I already have. Is it possible that I'm not using my paid-for subscription on that computer? And, is my OneDrive problem related to this?

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