What does tiramisu look like in your experience?

last month

This is another TV baking competition question. They were supposed to make tiramisu. Some made what looked more like trifle. One made something that looked like a flooded parfait, and one or two more made kind of individual trifles. A few made what I've heard called "cheater" tiramisu, a way to whip it out when you need a whole lot for company, which is built in a brownie pan and cut to serve.

I get the cheater version. It's just a really big tiramisu, cut up. The only way I've ever seen it otherwise, is layers of rows of ladyfingers with the filling in between, and each layer facing opposite directions. The result is one ladyfinger wide, and usually two ladyfingers long. but It's not shape that concerns me, but the layers and the proportion of goop to cake.

Have I missed something?

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