Food that you won't (not can't) eat?

Jeb zone 5
26 days ago

My dear grandmother used to make baked egg custard in little Pyrex cups that smelled wonderful while cooking in the oven, it looked delicious to me with perfectly browned tops sprinkled with a dash of nutmeg - yum. I really tried to like the stuff but it made me gag every time I attempted to eat it. It was the wrong texture for me, the skin on top and the eggy consistency grossed me out. Everyone else in my family loved her egg custard which she made on a regular basis. If she knew I was coming for a visit she would make me blueberry muffins so I wouldn't feel left out.

Another food I can't even think about is Swedish Meatballs, they were the last thing I ate at a party before coming down with a case of the Norovirus. Having the virus caused me to have a food aversion - it still makes me a little queasy anytime they are mentioned..... moving on!

Is there any food that looks good to you and you just can't get it past your lips? Anything that most people seem to like to eat but you've tried it and will never try again? As long as we are at it, is there any food that you LOVE and most people don't like? - I like grapes with seeds and crunch right through them!

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