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dry food for cats that can't eat dry food ;)

11 years ago

Howdy all,

There seems to be a lot of experience here with regards to foods and such so I'm hoping someone can offer some advice.

After months of "bowel issues" with my two maine coons after we adopted them, we discovered that the problem went away once we switched them completely to wet food. Hooray!

I want to keep them on the wet food primarily. However, in times when we will need to leave out dry food for them (sudden overnight trip out of town, for example) I am wondering what you might suggest as the best choice for a dry food.

Since there are so many ingredients in dry foods, I was never able to determine exactly what it was that they were 'allergic' to, but I am assuming their bodies don't like grain. The dry foods they've tried in the past all had grain (though we did use Blue Buff once and to my knowledge that is somewhat 'low-grain'.)

I'm basically trying to find a dry food (cost is not a factor) that has the best quality and lowest number of ingredients. Even the grain free stuff that I've looked at like TOTW, Felidae, etc all have extra things like blueberries, acai, etc - things that I don't think cats normally eat in the wild, right?

Hopefully my question makes sense :) Thanks all!

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