Questions about a peanut butter swirl & a caramel swirl in ice cream

last month

Probably within the next week or so, I'll be putting together a vanilla ice cream with a peanut butter swirl, a caramel swirl, and chopped toasted almonds. I'm going to use jarred peanut butter (not the kind you stir), but how do I avoid having it become a frozen glob of peanut butter? Actually, I've never frozen peanut butter so I don't know if it becomes a glob, but as soon as I post this, I'm going to stick some in my freezer and check it tomorrow. Just in case it freezes like a glob, there has to be some way to make it more "swirly", right?

Also, I have a couple recipes for caramel, including Ann T's, so is caramel likely to stay swirly once the ice cream is packed up in the freezer, or will it just become a frozen ribbon of deliciousness? Thanks!



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