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Computer video issue

last year

Hi, everybody. I'm having a new issue with my very old desktop computer. I think it may have started when the electrical power blinked on and off briefly one day when the computer was just booting up. Although the computer is plugged into a battery back up device with surge protection, it still paused then and stopped booting--if I remember correctly.

Anyway, it now often goes to a black screen when booting. If I do get it to boot up, the screen shortly will begin flickering and get worse and worse until it blacks out completely again. I thought at first that it might be a problem with my monitor, but I tried another monitor on it and that one didn't do any better--though it does work on another computer.

I've tried all the more obvious stuff such as removing and replacing the monitor cable, trying a different outlet, removing the computer from the battery backup and etc. I even replaced the motherboard battery because that helped with another problem once! If anybody has any other ideas, please let me know. I was considering trying system restore, though I suspect that won't help if it is an issue of that electrical blink frying something.

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