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4 months ago
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I'm tired of deer eating all my daylily buds, and I've got a 4' square sun bed in my fenced garden thats being under utilized, so I want to make it a daylily bed! I need help picking out the daylilies for it!

About the bed:

It's technically a raised bed, but it's only a few inches above regular grade and there's no bottom to the bed, so it's more like a normal garden bed just with wood edging. The neighboring beds have blueberry bushes and some bulbs, except the opposite corner, which is a shade bed and a matter for another post.

This bed was once an herb bed, but it got invaded by blackberries and only has some naturalizing oregano left for herbs; we've moved most of our herb gardening to pots closer to the house. We'll be pulling out the weeds and blackberries from this bed. The oregano might get to stay ... it'll definitely still be in the path, so it'll probably move back in if it is removed; no need to worry about itin the plan either way.

What's already in the plan:

I've got White Tie Affair elsewhere, and love them, so we're thinking of getting some more for this bed. They're short, so we're thinking they could go towards the edge:

(Existing plants would stay where they are; we'd be buying more. Similar alternatives will be considered.)

I'm considering moving my Peach Serenade to this bed so it won't get eaten every year, since it takes its sweet time blooming:

(I'll post a new picture when it blooms ...)

What else?

I think I could probably still have another 1-3 varieties in the bed.

I was thinking of making a daytrip to Tranquil Lake Nursery, so that's kindof my starting point for selection, but I'm open to other varieties, too. (I don't think they're selling White Tie Affair, yet, but I can get those from where I got the ones I have if that's what I'm getting.)

Polychromes, ruffled/toothed varieties, and fragrants would be of special interest to me. I have a soft spot for apricoty colored flowers.

I'm interested in potentially trying to cross breed some, too (nothing serious, but for fun), though I don't really know what I'm doing beyond rubbing pollen from one into the pistil of another, so diploid vs tet would be a lesser factor. I can bring pollen from elsewhere in the yard, too.

I'm open to companion plants, as well, like the blackberry lily that hangs out with my White Ties (nice height interest ...), though blackberry lilies don't seem to be deer candy, so they don't need the same protection.

How can you all help?

Recommend some daylilies for me and how they might fit best in a best? Any awesome combos you just love?


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