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Charting My Daylily Beds

13 years ago

There have been several posts over the years on how to mark daylilys, seedlings, etc., so I figured I would share my newest idea with everyone in case anyone is interested. I won't take credit for it... may have been mentioned somewhere and lodged in my memory only to finally have surfaced, but it is working wonderfully so even if it has been mentioned before, it is worth reiterating.

It is impossible for me to guarantee any of my markers will A. stay in the ground with all of my dog traffic or B. be readable two years down the road after I have put them in. I also like to be able to ID the lilies in the middle of the garden without climbing through and trying to spot the tag. I have tried the graph paper way of charting the garden, which has been somewhat successful, but my spacial ability is limited when it comes to making this kind of chart, so it is still fairly confusing for anyone but myself to read.

SO...this year, I have taken pictures of all of my DL gardens this spring (while it is easy to see which clump is which), printed the pictures out, and actually ID'd each clump in the picture. It has been working WONDERFULLY!. I am putting the finalized "maps" in plastic sleeves in a three ring binder so I can carry them with me in the garden when I walk and take pictures. I have had to take dozens of pictures, but I don't plan on changing any of these charted gardens, so it is worth the ink and paper invested. It is so much easier to look at a picture than try to figure out a chart!

Anyway, just an idea, but I have been so thrilled with the results that figured I would share.

This is one of my smallest DL gardens...looks horribly empty right now but by bloom time it is absolutely full up!



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