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Swamp Milkweed Seeds or cuttings

last month

Hello Gardenwebbers & Houzz people,

I have an area on the edge of a pond that is very wet and would love to be able to grow swamp milkweed, which I have just learned grows well in wet conditions. Does anyone have any seeds or cuttiings (come summer) that they could share? I was willing to pay $3.95 for a pack of seeds, but not willing to pay $8.99 for shipping! (I was disgusted by that vulgar shipping rate for a measly pack of seeds!) I live in a little town called Ayer MA and could come to you or have you come to me to see if you'd like a cutting or two of whatever I have that you might like. I have a bunch of different hydrangeas, viburnums, and bulbs I could share. Let me know if you grow swamp milkweed and how it grows for you, and if you'd like to arrange a swap. Thanks!

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