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Seeking Creative Ideas for this Fireplace

2 years ago

Hoping you all have some creative solutions to dealing with this odd fireplace-

This is soon to be our new home. It is right full of strange design choices and an odd floor plan but it’s waterfront location had us hooked before we even entered the house!

Clearly the house is tired and needs some love and all of that will be addressed-

It is this gas fueled fireplace that has me stumped. Unfortunately someone painted the stone white which would not have been my choice but that is done so it’s going to have to work. What bothers me most is the fact that the stone stops abruptly before making it all the way to the ceiling!

So, much as I wish it was, tearing everything out and starting over is not in the cards at this time. I’m hoping for a solution that works with the existing stone.

I’m open to, and would prefer to do something different with the mantle and that white hearth seems like a horrible idea-

The goal will be to keep the space light and bright but have a rustic flair.

The floors will be refinished, the walls will get a fresh coat of paint and all of the lighting fixtures in this room will be replaced.

As much as I wish there was another option the TV will be mounted over the mantle. We plan to use our existing and very large ivory colored sectional in the space.

Any ideas that you have to give the fireplace a facelift without major reconstruction would be very much appreciated. I have no problems with slight modifications or building an over mantle or things of that nature. I just can’t figure out where to begin-

Thank you in advance for any suggestions or advice you may have.

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