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Reorganizing my bedroom, need some advice

last month
last modified: last month

Hi guys, I'm planning on reorganizing my bedroom completely so any kind of advice will be helpful since i have zero knowledge about interior design, matching colors, contrast etc. Here are my initial ideas:
Since there are lots of wooden elements I would like to change the bed covers, lazy bag, carpet (maybe?), and lighting (it's definitely too bright for such a small room 14m^2/150feet^2), it stands out too much imo. The door frame and the walls will probably be different color also. Generally, I would like too add some more source of light, plants (I love green colour), maybe a picture or a wallcovering. The goal is to match everything with the color of the wood and also add some contrast so it looks appealing. I'm not sure which colors would fit here, I could also add another type of wood, since I'm making the furniture on my own.
I might even change the place of furniture completely, I was thinking about putting the desk on the place of the lazy bag or even of the closet (it's inside the wall, front picture slide door). The tv will probably be moved because it's too high up right now and it's not really comfortable to watch.
How would you arrange this bedroom and what accessories would you add? Write down your suggestions :)

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