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Help, I need some advice on my Family rm

13 years ago

Thanks to anyone and all who can help me.

I have hit a negative design rut in my life. Everytime I

start I seem to want to just cry. This is so unlike me

as I studied Art history in college but I am

unable to work on my space. I ignore it and go about

my day. I would rather scrub toilets than try to

fix this. I think I am so lost in the ulgy mess that

is, I just don't know where to turn. I could use

another set of eyes to take it apart and help me start

over or if it is really bad just sell the place and


Things I want to keep.

My red leather Natuzzi sofa, chair and ottoman. I love

them. The soft baked Scone paint color by Behr.

I can change the family room wood floor to match the rest

of the wood floor in the house. Even though I kinda of

like that it is lighter. The kitchen stays as dark wood

floors and white cabs with graphite colored counters.

I have taken 5 quizzes and they all say I am modern

but my home exterior style is traditional ( I think)

Here is an image of my home on the outside...Oh one quiz

said I was romantic tuscan ??? what does that mean?

Clearly I am desparate. One quiz asked which room do you

keep the door closed. I am thinking that would be my house.

Oh a little more about me. I have 3 kids 2 are teens,

2 larger boxer dogs and an easy going husband. But he is

picky about keeping his flat screen tv in the room. Yes, the tv stays.

Here are few images.

I need to think about drapes or window coverings. The

light is brutal in the summer. We have those horrible

blinds that work for now. I also have a wood cornice

that I would love to use or recover with fabric. It goes

the length of the windows 16 feet in a bay shape.

This is my favorite painting ( I could easily loose the blue willow plates)

I like these little vases The red paint is in my DR.

IGNORE the rug, I moved that out ages ago. It is funny

in person the red in the rug matches the sofa but in

images it looks dreadful.

This is off the kitchen a little breakfast nook.

I have painted this are but regret the color. It is

pretty but tooo minty and I think too country looking.

I am willing to change it.

a few more things I like. NO not my art my children's.

Okay, Okay you can see why I have never been hired as a

hot decorator with this in my portfolio. lol

Outdated fireplace and no that hideious picture is gone now.

There are built ins to the left of the fireplace that

also house my DH's flat screen.

A rug that I have recently moved into the space looks

like this...A flat weaved brown sisal that matches the

dark floor perfectly. I can get an image tomorrow. Right

now it is a disaster of kids and popcorn.

The chocolate rug and the red sofa look great. In fact

the first great in a long time of a sad decor.

Lastly I could sell the sofa. I love it but my uncle

told me red would be the ruin of my decor. That I should

have waited the 18 weeks to get the neurtal beige that

would go with any color in the world. My bad.

Help you can see there is no order, no consistency, no

design, no style .... Ahhhhhrrrrrrggggg just a mess

of crap that needs to be worked on so I love it again.


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