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Designing a Room

26 days ago

I recently posted about decorating my toddlers room but the post feels like it got a bit off track so I’m starting over and trying to be more clear on what I need help with. I’d like to design a room from scratch (open to buying all new pieces) with the following color scheme and around the jeep photo as this is what my son likes. I am unsure what color bedding, rug, nightstands, curtains, etc. to put together. I am also unsure where to place furniture. He has a queen bed and we are looking at getting a dresser as shown. I am including some collages I’ve put together but they just seem to be lacking something fun! I definitely want a quiet cozy corner, which is where I want to put the bookshelf and mountians on the wall. Please help me decorate his room to be fun and last him a while. He is 4!

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