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Seeking ideas to utilize long narrow spaces for kitchen + family room

5 years ago


I plan to remodel my kitchen and expand its footprint. I am gathering ideas to better utilize the space of the family room as part of this remodeling. Attached is the floor plan, including current kitchen layout. The kitchen footprint is about 9x9 sqft. It is the original when the house was built in 1954. The family room is an addition done by previous owner. Its north side is a brick wall, essentially a 10-ft wide fireplace, with an 8-inch-tall 18-inch-deep brick step spanning across the room.

There is a lot of square footage, but mostly long and narrow and a lot of restrictions. For example, the kitchen cabinets can only extend at most 2.5 ft, probably not enough room to build a sit-in breakfast counter without blocking the traffic between garage and dining room. If I put the breakfast table in front of the fireplace, then it seems to be a bit far away from the kitchen.

My top priority is to extend the kitchen to the top part of family room while keeping it functional and practical, for example, don’t have to walk long way to get milk from fridge and cereal from pantry. And a few nice-to-have’s:

  • A sit-in counter.
  • A built-in desk and hutch.
  • A laundry closet. My laundry is still in the garage. :-(
  • Don’t move walls. Adding dividers is ok if not blocking views.
  • Moderate modification to fireplace is ok. I hope not to take the whole fireplace down.

Do you have good ideas or good Houzz photos to share? Thank you!

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