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reworking small kitchen/family room space, advice?

11 years ago

Hello All,

I am planning a reworking of my small kitchen/family room space and wondering if I can tap into the collective expertise here.

The house is small, 2000 sq ft total, divided between first floor and upstairs.

The change involves moving the interior wall dividing the family room/dining room and kitchen/foyer in order to expand the kitchen-family room space.

The problem I am having is planning the new kitchen layout.

I am attaching two floor plans here, one with an island and the other with a peninsula. (Update, I am attaching one floor plan here, since I can't figure out two, and will attach the second in a second post.)

I prefer the island plan because:

1. it is a central workspace between the fridge/sink/range

2. it allows for easy service to the kitchen table

But my concerns are that the isles are narrow and I might be wasting space.

I don't love the peninsula because the kitchen table looks crowded and because the counter top work space is not as centrally located.

If any of you all have a moment to weigh in, I would be very grateful and I'm happy to answer any questions about the space.

Many thanks!


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