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Requesting Your Creative Ideas, Please

15 years ago

DH & I have made a different Holiday decision this year. Normally, I bake & cook like a fool for gift baskets. They go, primarily, to DH's staff/business associates. For the past several years, I've baked over 700 cookies plus plum puddings & many other Holiday goodies.

This year, here in CT, there is great need at our local food banks. The number of people seeking meal assistance has more than doubled since T-Day '06. Food prices here are sky-high (over $3.50/lb. for generic butter).

Anyway, DH & I took the money we'd normally spend on our Holiday baking & instead, today, purchased frozen turkeys for the food bank. We just returned from delivering them. So, I have to give gifts that cost very little.

I've decided that instead of doing the cooking...I'll instead put together a short recipe booklet of our family's favorites. Using supplies already on hand, I can do this on-the-cheap easily.

I need some help with my recipe list, please. Several of the recipes I'd like to use as they've become such favorites of ours are the Lemon Ricotta Pancakes & Joe's Killer Lasagna. So, I'm asking permission to use those recipes in my booklet, please!

Also, as I reviewed our most beloved recipes I couldn't help but notice we are spoiled brats. Most of my recipes call for at least one expensive ingredient. DH does not particularily like casseroles so I don't prepare many. But, they are usually economical. Anybody have any moderate-cost casserole recipes that I may include? Please.

I'm heading to NY with DH mid-afternoon today so we can arrive in time for the Pats game at 8:15 pm. So, I won't be at my computer until the Friday after T-day (DH cancelled Internet service in NY...we've paring down our lives getting ready for retirement!). Anyway, I won't be able to post in reply to what I know will be your generous recipe suggestions for a few days. Please know I'll get back with each of you asap.

Any other suggestions as to what I could include in the booklet are appreciated. So far, I've got about a dozen recipes I'll use for sure including a few heirloom that are special to us.

Many thanks,


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