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Creative tile/decor ideas needed for wall mounted fireplace

3 years ago

Installing a wall mounted small gas fireplace in our bedroom. The fireplace is 16" wide by 27" tall and arch shaped. It will be raised about 2 ft off the floor so that we can easily see it from bed. It will be built into a niche in the wall that was created for the potential fireplace during construction. The space is 30" wide and very close to a doorway so I need to keep the "design" within the 30". I'm searching for creative ways to use tile/decorate this area and am not finding anything even close to the ideas in my head.

What I am thinking is that the space below the fireplace will be left open and I will put in decorate logs. That I found a pic of! I want to tile around the fireplace with maybe red subway tile with some accent tile included. Tile would then run up the sides of the 30" space to the ceiling, framing this area in sort of a chimney effect. We don't want to use the same red tile all the way up as it might seem too WOW for a space you want rest. My idea was to use chair rail and other trim tiles to create a sort of mantel effect right above the fireplace. There can't be an actual mantel due to being so close to a doorway/walking area. The small area between the fireplace and the ceiling I would stencil a design to be determined.

Not sure if any of that makes sense but I would like to see other similar ideas and can't find anything. Almost all fireplace surround pics are just traditional floor fireplaces with just the usual tile and wood trim around. Yes there are modern fireplaces but usually those have the same tile going from floor to ceiling.

Any ideas are appreciated!