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Creativity needed - Hubby hates drywall. Ideas?

7 years ago

Title kinda says it all. The original plan was for some interior concrete walls with some embedded wiring and plumbing and some really exotic metal framing / I-beams, plug mold, etc for our "freestanding" interior walls for our modern home build.

For a variety of reasons, the wall manufacturer will likely not be providing them.

Hubby has had a longstanding rule for this project - no sheetrock and no 2x4s.

I am fine with something like cabinet grade plywood / exposed fasteners over metal studs, or even using a material called "magnesia core"

I've searched for alternative interior walls and wood is mostly what I find. Which I am not against - but I want to offer him some alternatives so he doesn't feel like he's settling.

I think that there will be other benefits to using more conventional construction (plumbers and electricians won't hate us / charge us out the wazoo..)

Hit me up with some creative ideas please!


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