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3 years ago

A lot has changed at my house. Lots of new things. Most great. A couple not so much. Many I wouldn't have found without the current circumstances.

I found a new favorite kind of heirloom chicken. I think it was meant for restaurants. I hope it will still be available at the grocery store when the restaurants are back to fully open.

I've learned to appreciate slightly sweet salad dressings. Not my usual thing. I do get tired of making salad dressing, however, and have tried a few bottles. Found a 1000 Island that's kind of a perfect sweet and sour.

Last year I was struggling to find new things to do with greens. Now, last resort, I put them into a custard style egg bake, but I've found lots of ways to use chard.

My chard comes from the wonderful farm boxes that are next level, organic CSA, with personal choice options, and a lot of related Farmer's Market style items from associated vendors. They have things I've never seen in the grocery stores. The produce is excellent, and the fruit is just better. Many are smaller than in the stores and ever so much more flavorful. That may be due to flavor loss in hybridization for size, but I think it may also be because it can be picked riper when they're direct delivering it. I don't know, for sure, but it really is that much better. And they've had things like jujubes and yellow kiwi.

I made Lindac's rhubarb pie and even my rhubarb-hating mother liked it (I've thanked Linda in previous threads, but don't know if she saw them, so again, thank-you, Linda, for sharing it!)

I was going to buy Central Milling flour, but not in such big bags. :) I've documented my test runs with it in other threads, and it's fab. Pastry flour is next on my list because I somehow developed gluten in my Thanksgiving apple pie, made with Gold Medal bleached AP. First time that's happened, and I'm taking steps to have it never happen again.

John Kelly Chocolates. 'Nuff said.

I could go on, but I really want to know what new things the rest of you have found and loved!

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