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OT........Oh baby ! What a difference 70 years make

3 years ago
last modified: 3 years ago

I was sitting here thinking about my MIL......when I had my first baby she would always tell me about her knitting "soakers" for my DH. I never knew what they were so I did a quick google today.

In the mid 1940's there were no rubber pants or vinyl pants to cover diapers ...and so babies were changed as soon as they wet. The mothers used lap pads to prevent getting wet laps or furniture. Some women knit wool soakers which were worn over the cloth diaper. Apparently the lanolin helped prevent leaks ( I would guess, sort of ). Babies were usually introduced to potties at 3-4 months and trained by one year !!

There were no disposable diapers to fill landfills.

Cloth diapers were laundered, dried and folded daily.

That was incentive enough to get that child out of them as soon as possible !

What practices or items do you recall from your infancy which are long gone ?

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